Absence Management

May 23, 2013
Amy Clem & Aris Obar
• In PeopleSoft, Absence Management (AbM) refers to
the automated processing and tracking of:
 accrual entitlement
 absence events
 paid/unpaid leaves of absences
Entitlement. Accruals such as earned vacation time or sick leave.
Absence Event (Leave Request). The period of time that a payee
is absent for the same reason. For example, if a payee is out sick
Monday through Wednesday, the three-day absence is referred
to as an absence event.
Payee. Refers to employees, contingency workers and persons of
interest (non-employees).
Absence Take. represents the reason for the absence event when
AbM processes the absence event (for example: sick, vacation).
Cascading. Prioritized order for how leaves are assigned in the
system against an employee’s leave type balances.
Roles = A role describes how people fit into
PeopleSoft Workflow. A role is a class of users who
perform the same type of work, such as clerks or
◦ Absence Administrator – Aris Obar
 Enters Adjustments to the Accumulators (Leave
balances and leave accruals)
 Runs the AbM processes
◦ Department AA’s
 Ability to enter/correct/adjust absences
After an employee enters an absence request, it
automatically routes to the manager for approval.
Managers can delegate their authority to approve
absence requests to a specific employee. Ex:
Admin Asst.
Once the manager approves the request, it does
not automatically adjust your balances.
Absences entered and approved are passed to
Time and Labor by the Absence Administrator
every two weeks. At that time, leave balances will
be updated in the system.
Automatic deduction of employee-submitted
absence hours against a prioritized order for
that employee’s accrued leave type balances.
(This only occurs if the amount of leave taken
exceeds the employee’s accrued balance for
sick and/or vacation leave.)
The purpose of cascading is to ensure that
negative leave balances do not occur.
Leave balances for a full-time classified exempt
◦ Vacation:
◦ Sick:
◦ Comp Time:
20 hrs
36 hrs
16 hrs
Employee submits absence event for 40 hours of
Manager approves. Workflow will be one level of
approval based on the “Reports To” field in the
HR Module.
How did AbM cascade the hours?
1. Vacation Take:
20 hrs
2. Comp Take:
16 hrs
3. Unpaid:
4 hrs
The responsibility for entering vacation and sick
leave requests is now on the employee.
It’s very important that the employee is aware of
what their leave balances are.
Just a reminder, cascading is automatic as
negative balances are not permitted in
Comp time can still be used prior to using
vacation or sick time but is not taken through an
Absence Event Request. It is requested on the
timesheet through the Time and Labor module.
Use Manager Self Service (MSS)
An absence event submitted by a UTTyler
manager for their employee will automatically
be approved.
The manager will need to communicate to the
employee that an absence event has been
submitted for that particular date and/or
Employees’ ability to see “real-time” balances
will be eliminated. The balances displayed
reflect up to the date that absence processing
has been finalized (every two weeks).
Future dated and approved absence requests
will not be included as part of the “real-time”
Leaves of absence and FMLA will be
addressed during future training.
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