Presentation - Empowering Teachers with Technology

Beth Thomas
Great Falls Public Schools
MIET conference
Where are you?
1. Understand the why and how of the integration
of technology in our Common Core Standards.
2. Explore different tools, resources and ideas using
technology to teach Common Core.
Why we need Common Core
Discussion about Shifts
 In small groups, please read the article and discuss and
complete the graphic organizer.
From . . .
- Reading, writing and
speaking mainly from
literary text
To . . .
- Reading, writing
and speaking are
grounded in
evidence from text,
BOTH literary and
informational text
From . . .
- Only taught in
Language Arts or the
English teacher’s job
To . . .
- A shared
responsibility –
content rich
nonfiction –
interdisciplinary in
From . . .
- Content knowledge
primarily from a
teacher-led lecture
To . . .
- Content knowledge
comes from a balance
of reading, writing,
lecture and hands-on
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ISTE Position Statement
 ISTE believes digital learning plays a central and
substantive role in ensuring all students graduate
college and career ready. Technology, used effectively,
can help all students meet and exceed the rigorous
learning goals embedded in the Common Core State
Standards by providing access to tools and resources
that personalize instruction and creating rich, engaging
and relevant learning environments.
ISTE Position Statement cont.
implement the new Common Core
 As U.S. states and school districts
State Standards, they have an unprecedented opportunity to
collaborate and share best practices across geographic borders to
ensure their students attain these new rigorous learning goals. With
the advent of the 2014–2015 Common Core Online Assessments it
is imperative that students’ learning takes place in a robust digital
learning environment in order for them to be successful on these new
higher-order thinking assessments. Schools will have to make
significant investments in infrastructure and hardware which will
provide an extraordinary opportunity for extending and leveraging
the use of technology to transform teaching and learning.
Common Core and Technology
ELA Tech mentions
Please share three reflections on the Padlet board
using the following link:
Common Core and Technology
Produce and Publish Documents
Interact and Collaborate
Solve Problems
Use Technology Strategically and Capably
Communicate Using Web Tools
Evaluate Information Presented in Different Media Formats
Compare and Contrast Text to Other Media
Present Using Digital Tools
Use Digital Tools for Research
Read Works
grade – Big Bird Found
Lexile Scores
Source: Lexile Framework for Reading
GFPS lessons based on ELA tech
Fifth Grade Example:
Writing Prompts
LearnZillion overview
Learnzillion Philosophy
- It's hard to teach a lesson. It's harder to teach it well. And
it's particularly hard to teach it in a way that resonates
and sticks with students. Teachers not only have to
understand their content, they have to know the best way to
teach it.
- Lessons designed with PCK (Pedagogical Content
Knowledge) - provide depth to meet Common Core
Video about Gooru learning
Assign a course – ex.
grade math
Life Science
Resources and Tools document
Time to explore…
Make a Voki
1. Go to
2. Explain you’re the top three takeaways from this
sectional and how you plan to implement them.
3. Go to this link and please post your Voki here:
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