Violent Video Games: Should they be banned ?

What is the issue ?
What do people say for/against the issue ?
How did I research the topic ?
What results I got from the survey ?
What's my opinion ?
The issue is that should violent video games be
banned? Ever since 1999, after the columbine
shootings, all the governments tried to stop
violent video games. It is because the columbine
shootings were linked to a violent video game.
After this incident, lots of people started to
protest against this issue. Some say that violent
video games turn children's minds into freaks but
other people say that it doesn't and that violent
video games are entertaining for lots of people.
So in this presentation I will show you the good
side, the bad side and the results I got from the
The argument for this is to ban it. The arguments are that it is changing
people’s minds to be bad and this is mostly aimed at children. Some
games out in the market are very addictive for example Call of duty
Black ops. Lots children will like this game and some of them will try to
act it out in real life. Video games can also affect a child's school
performance. One of the famous incidents was the Virginia tech
massacre. This was a boy called Seung-Hui Cho loved to play the game
Counter Strike. Then on the 16th of April 2007, he went on a massacre
and killed 32 people and finally killing himself. After this , the
government went harsher on violent video games. There were also
other killings that involved video games. It is not the children’s fault it
is the parents because they buy it for the children. It clearly says the
age rating for the game on the cover and the parents just buy it for
them. The danger of this is that the kids try to act out what they played
so this can get very serious. For example, pretend a boy who played
Smack down vs Raw, the boy would try to act it out and wrestle with
his friend and he can get a very serious injury. So this is what they
think that is wrong with violent video games.
Some people think that it should not be banned because it will be boring for
so many other people playing non violent video games. People say that
when playing violent video games, they become more aggressive but in fact
it makes them calmer. The video games are a great way of relaxing after
school and from a long day of work. It takes their mind of other stressful
things. People don’t think about acting out things they just see in the game,
they are not that crazy. It also creates good self confidence in people for
example; completing a hard level will make them have a great sense of
confidence. When most people play they just do it and then forget about it.
People also play them to let out anger inside themselves especially boys.
They can let of anger by video games. Any way the video games are made
for adults and not for children so they shouldn’t be buying it. If they ban
violent video games, it will be trouble for adults because they have nothing
to play except the non violent video games. There are new games coming
out like Call of duty Black Ops and Medal of Honor. These are the video
games that everyone likes and these games are violent. If any new and nonviolent games come out, they wont be excited to play so less people play it.
I researched about my topic mostly on the internet. I got the
information from Wikipedia and I got some of the examples from
newspapers and books. On Google I typed in violent video games
and then Wikipedia showed up. I typed in video game controversy
and a lot of information came up and I also looked up violent video
games debates for the pros and cons for the issue.
The websites I went on were:
I debate
Debate pedia
I also read a bit of the book called Grand theft childhood.
Also in news papers like metro and evening standard.
I asked four of my friends and myself five same questions. The first
question was, do you know the incident that happened in 1999 that was
linked with video games?, second one was do you know the good side of
violent video games ?, the third question was do you know the bad side of
violent video games ?, do you think violent video games should be banned
? And the last one was do you play violent video games? For question one
they said four no’s and one yes, the second question was five yeses and
there was nothing for no, the third question was five yeses and again
nothing for no, the fourth question was five no’s and nothing for yes and
finally the fifth question was four yeses and one no. Here is the table
My opinion is that violent video games should
not be banned because it is fun for a lot of
people and people will get bored of non violent
video games and the business will go down. It
is also because I play violent video games as
well and it will be boring for me as well. Most
of my classmates said that it should not be
banned. Violent video games shouldn’t be
banned but if parents but their children these
video games and they turn bad, then it is their
In conclusion, I think that violent video should
not be banned. I have written about the pros for
the argument and the cons for the argument. I
also wrote about my opinions and ideas for this
report and the survey from the class. I hoped you
enjoyed reading and watching my presentation
about should violent video games be banned.
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