Stardust DTU - Venture Cup

Physical hub for entrepreneurship at DTU Lyngby
Prototyping facilities
Entrepreneural events
DTU Campus, temporarily located at building 101D
- New facilities at building 373 from September 2014
Opening hours,
Workshop: Monday-Friday 8:00-15:30
Office facilities: 24/7 (access with student card)
Non-profit student driven entrepreneurial organisation
Early stage growth programme (currently 8 companies)
Entrepreneural events
Open weekly meeting at DTU Lyngby
Tuesdays at 12:00 building 101 at the Stardust-DTU box
Or contact through email at
[email protected]
Non-profit student driven entrepreneurial organisation
App incubator with an accelerator programme
Hackerspace and entrepreneural events
DTUCompute building 324 room 270
Contact through contact form at their website
• Science park for companies
• Organiser of Danish Tech Challenge (500.000 kr. reward)
• Various events in relation to tech and businesses
Located at DTU Campus Diplomvej 381
For questions contact [email protected]
• Annual startup competition for students at DTU
• Emphasis on green tech and sustainable solutions
Held in June with application deadline in late April
If you got any questions, feel free to contact project manager
Louise Hindenburg at [email protected] or by phone 45251194