So, like, what is *spatial rhetoric* anyway*?

So, like, what is “spatial
rhetoric” anyway…?
(An introduction of sorts.)
What is “spatial rhetoric”?
In much the same way that visual rhetoric is
the study of how visual elements (colors, fonts,
images, designs) are used to formulate or
enhance a particular argument, spatial rhetoric
is the study of how physical spaces (natural or
man-made) are organized/arranged to make an
argument about how the space should be used
and/or what kinds of people should be using it.
What is “spatial rhetoric”?
Essentially, spatial rhetoric
involves the critical analysis of
the rhetorical choices that have
been made in designing and
organizing a physical space.
Super 8 Motel
Knightsbrook Hotel
and Golf Resort
Anaheim, CA
• Find a spot nearby to sit
down and note as many
different rhetorical choices
as you can
In lieu of heading
to the library,
• Reflect on how these
we’ll spend the
choices suggest a specific
next ten minutes
way to “use” the spot
on the following:
you’ve selected
• Speculate about the kinds
of people these choices will
“invite” to use the space