2014 Whole Foods Rocky MT Vendor BUSINESS REVIEW

Please send completed Business review by email to [email protected]
and [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to your meeting date
One of Whole Foods Market’s Core Values is to focus on creating on-going win-win partnerships with our
In order to continue doing this with your brand, we invite you to think about some of the following subjects
and come to the meeting with suggestions on how you think we can partner better within the next 6 or 12
We would like to understand how your brand performed in Whole Foods Market in the Rocky Mountain
stores over the last 6 to 12 months, what we did well together and what we can certainly do better in the
next few months.
RM’s goal for the next 12 months continues to be to build both the brands that are relative new-comers AND
to continue supporting the brands that have been with us now for quite some time.
Current Business – sales and units
• Fill in the green cells on the right
(excel will calculate the growth)
last 52 weeks sales
previous 52 weeks sales
• What % of your National WFM
sales does our region represent?
last 52 weeks units
previous year 52 weeks units
last 12 weeks sales
last year 12 week sales
• What is RM’s ranking for your
brand in terms of other WFM
regions? _____
last 12 weeks units
previous year 12 weeks units
Growing your brand
(can use more than one slide)
Please answer these questions in your presentation:
• What are you currently doing to actively growth your business in our
• What is driving your growth in the regions that are growing faster
than we are? Is this something that would work in RM?
• What have we tried in the last 52 weeks that you would like to do
again? Why?
• What has been a learning that we should not repeat?
• What have you done in other regions that you think might work in this
Info on your product and category (can use more than one slide)
• Provide consumer insights
• Emerging trends in your category (flavors, packaging, health properties)
• Product development research interesting findings
• Shopper Behaviors- Customer Buying Decision Tree
• Provide category information
• How will the product(s) you are launching build sales?
• Observations on offerings that are missing
• Understand your competition at shelf
• How do you differentiate?
• What is your positioning to the shopper?
• Why should we select your Brand?
• Channel Strategy
• Differentiation, Organic Offerings
What are the up and coming trends you see in your category ?
New upcoming hot products you can share? Get us excited!
Post Promotional analysis
This analysis is best explained using a line graph- please refer to the
following two example slides to communicate the below info.
• Share your conclusions about prior promos:
• What was your price point?
• What lift did you see?
• Have you compared this to performance on different price points?
• Reflect on your pricing:
• What discount do you need to offer to reach your optimal retail?
• Other thoughts on promo frequency, spend rate, RM programs, or
other components of WFM RM promo program?
Rocky Mountain – Promo Analysis
$11.99 is winning Price Point
Average PP:
Price Point
Price Point
Price Point
Price Point
Shelf Shelf
•Move back to $11.99 Price Point during Off Shelf Promotions because
…etc etc
Rocky Mountain Promo Analysis
2/$5 is Winning Price Point
Average PP:
Price Point
Price Point
Off Shelf
Price Point
Off Shelf
Price Point
Off Shelf
•Continue the 2/$5 winning Price point during Off Shelf Merchandising Periods…
$2.79 and $2.99 yield similar sales… sales still strong on TPR versus off-shelf etc.
Your RM Promotional Plan
Prepare a 12 month plan to grow your brand in WFM RM
Provide your national promo calendar (1-page Excel, please)
Add any RM specific proposed regional plans?
Identify your optimal price point per sub-line—what’s your
ideal sale price?
Provide seasonality detail
• How do you link your promos to seasonal opportunities?
• Do you promote during the holidays?
• Are you promoting during the correct cycle?
Any other business you would like to discuss.
Have a plan that is WFM RM specific, focused, with only
purpose to BUILD YOUR BRAND!
Other things you might want to think about
• Do you track your sales via Portal? We can help
you set up
• What are your sales goals in WFM RM? (i.e. reach
• Any other business you would like to discuss?
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