The Firefighter Combat Challenge

Fire Fighter Challenge:
A introduction to the world of
competition for firefighters
Submitted by Peter Neal, RA
Colorado State University
“The Toughest Two Minutes in
• A series of obstacles simulating events
firefighters encounter in combat situations
– Intense fire fighting and rescue situations
Competitors are firefighters
Provides a fun, competitive environment
Promotes firefighter fitness
Displays firefighter profession to the public
• Two sides of the course (Red & Blue)
• Competitors wear full bunker gear + Air pack
– Can weigh 60-70 lbs!
• Various categories of competition
– Individual
– Tandem
– Relay
• Broken into 5 events
• 6 flights of stairs
• 5 stories
•42 lb. hose pack
•This is the start of the Challenge.
•After the start sequence,
competitors must pick up and carry
the hose.
•After completing the six flights of
stairs, the hose must be placed in
the box on the top balcony
•42 lb. hose pack
•5 stories
•Pull hose roll to top of
•Head back down Tower
•Touch every stair on the
way down
•Keiser Sled
•160 lb. steel beam
•9 lb. shot mallet
•Hit the steel beam
backwards to end of
• Mallet then placed on
4. Hose Advance
3 Sections:
•Slalom Run - Weave around five hydrants
•Hose Advance – Grab and drag hose 75 ft
•Shoot the Target – Use hose to shoot
target once through saloon doors
5. Victim Rescue
•Final Event
•Drag dummy
•100 ft.
•When both
competitor and
dummy cross finish
line, race is over
The Challenge is very difficult,
but very rewarding. Just
finishing this challenge is a feat
in itself.,