Design and Implementation of an Automated Conveyor Line
Team: Tareq Mohammad, Mohammad Al-Khathami, Ahmed Al-Tunisi, Mohammad, Bakhribah, Ali Al-Shaqqaq
Advisor: Dr. Munir Al-Absi
Term: 121
Microcontroller MC
The conveyor line is an essential part in the modern
industry, and it is one of the major parts that
contributed in almost all industrial disciplines. In
addition, conveyor belts exist everywhere like airports
and supermarkets. In this project, it’s required to
design, implement and test a conveyor line that will fill
row of bottles with pre-selected volume. A conveyor line
consists of two or more pulleys, with a continuous loop
of material - the conveyor belt - that rotates about
them. One or both of the pulleys are powered, moving
the belt and the material on the belt forward.
a programmable micro-controller called Arduino is was
to control all system functions. This micro-controller uses
Arduino language. Based on that the complete system
algorithm was written and downloaded to the microcontroller.
The objective of this project to implement an
automated conveyor line applying the
following criteria:
o Auto bottle detection and liquid filling
o User defined volume
o Cost-effective implementation
Pressure Stabilizing System
In order to get almost constant flow rate out of the
liquid valve, the pressure has to be constant . The
pressure applied on the valve is the atmospheric
pressure and the liquid pressure. Once the level of the
liquid decreases and that significantly affect the flow
rate. The Pressure Stabilizer System is involved in order
to maintain a constant pressure in the tank. This system
consists of a secondary tank, a normally close switch and
a pump which feed the main tank once its level
User Interface
ο‚•The system require the motor supply, valve and
Microcontroller (MC) to be ON by the main switch,
then the MC will show the welcome message shown in
the beginning for 3 Secs. After that the conveyer belt
started to move and in the same time the controller
asks to enter the liquid volume needed to be filled and
the moment the IR detects a bottle, it will
automatically fill it with the required volume and the
loop will continue until the its switched OFF.
IR Detection Circuit
In the Receiver Side this component of the project is
responsible for detecting and sending signals to the
control unit. The circuit contains current to volt converter
to the left, then the output is fed to a comparator circuit to
give a constant output (0 or 5 V). Finally, the output is sent
to the control unit.
Complete System
System Block Diagram
Design Algorithm
Motor Start
The Transmitter Side consists of an infrared LED in series
with a resistance, it sends a beam of IR waves to the
receiver, the beam is blocked by the bottles in the belt.
Conveyor Belt Design
While searching for a conveyer line to use it in the
project, we founded a quit expensive and large
conveyers that are designed for industrial
applications. Instead of that an old treadmill device
was utilized as a conveyer line.
Motor Stop
Valve Open
Valve Close
The complete system is shown ,in operation, in the
figures. Also video available in YouTube.
In this project, we successfully fulfilled the
requirement of the CLP. Also we were able to add
additional function for user friendly. We were able to
get exposed to MC programming and we implemented
a student made complete reliable detection system
using basic electrical elements. We were able apply
engineers skills to overcome obstacles.