Young Reader Age 4-6 - Golden Dragon Book Awards

Young Reader Age 4-6
Young Reader Age 4-6
Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
A magical book exploring
many kinds of green; lush
green of a forest on a late
spring day, the fresh juicy
green of a just-cut lime,
the incandescent green of
a firefly and the vivid
aquamarine of a tropical
Young Reader Age 4-6
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown
A bored Mr.Tiger decides to
go wild and leave town
behind, to head off into the
wildness. He abandons his
clothes to truly go wild, only
to find on his return, that
society has different feelings
towards him.
Young Reader Age 4-6
Oliver by Birgitta Sif
Oliver is different. He enjoys the
solitude of his own friendship
with his imaginary friends - the
toys; until one day a stray tennis
ball leads to many adventures
with a new companion.
Young Reader Age 4-6
The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins
Steve Jenkins has
delivered a fabulously
detailed, realistic, eye
popping book for the bug
enthusiast. This book
celebrates truly
everything beetle!
Young Reader Age 4-6
The Frank Show by David Mackintosh
When the cantankerous old
Grandpa Frank, who often
complains about the younger
generation is the only
available member to
represent a boy’s family at
the school class ‘show and
tell’, it’s a disaster in the
Young Reader Age 4-6
This is not my hat by Jon Klassen
This wickedly delightful picture book;
the winner of 2013 Caldecott Medal
Award depicts a morality tale with
humor and wonderful art. The tension
builds as a tiny felonious fish has
pilfered a hat of a much larger fish. A
fabulous sequel to the
I Want My Hat.
Young Reader Age 4-6
This Moose Belongs to Me
by Oliver Jeffers
Wilfred is a boy who follows
rules! He owns a docile,
friendly pet moose who has
an independent streak. This
wonderful picture book
depicts a gentle lesson on
the importance of
ownership, rule- making,
expectations and not least
Young Reader Age 4-6
Virginia Wolf by Kyo Maclea
The tale of a two sisters
sharing a strong bond of
understanding whereby one
girl who creates an
imaginary world to pull her
sister out of the doldrums .
A multi layered book with
adorable characters, raw
emotions and constrasts.
Young Reader Age 4-6