DCSA-DOL - Digital Engineering

Police Forces
The tool to preventing the illegal sale
of illicit drugs through the Internet
Drug traffickers use the
Internet to establish and
maintain their criminal
networks and to sell illicit
drugs or the chemical
precursors used to
manufacture such drugs.
Preventive measures
need to be taken to stop
the further proliferation
of illegally operating
Internet pharmacies.
DCSA-DOL permits to find out
websites from which visitors can buy
illicit drugs.
Specifically it simplify the searching
process thanks to several tools
that consents to esclude irrilevant
websites, define appropriate
keywords even based on the
denomination (both scientific and
common name) of drugs and
precursors, and other useful features.
Main features
• Save time searching
• Full Keyword Management
• Full illicit drugs and precusors
name management
• Structured workflow
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