Complete CV

Johan Vikstr¨
om, Ph.D. Economics (updated April, 2015)
IFAU - Uppsala
Uppsala University
P.O. Box 513
SE-751 20, Uppsala, Sweden
Phone: +46 -(0)18 - 471 -60 55
Personal Information
Married, Three kids (2010, 2010, 2014), Born 1979, Swedish Citizen
Academic positions (past and current)
IFAU-Uppsala, Researcher (permanent contract), Fall 2009-.
Parental leave Sep 2010-Aug 2011, Mar 2015-Oct 2015
Research fellow Uppsala center for Labor Studies (UCLS), Fall 2010University of Southern California, Visiting Scholar, Fall 2007
VU University Amsterdam, Doctoral Student Fall 2008
Uppsala University, Doctoral Student 2005-2009
Research Fields
Labor Economics; Microeconometrics; Health Economics.
Lundborg P., M. Nilsson and J. Vikstr¨
om (2015), “Heterogeneity in the impact of health shocks on
labour outcomes: evidence from Swedish workers”, Oxford Economic Papers, forthcoming
ogren A. and J. Vikstr¨
om (2015), “How long and how much? Learning about the design of wage
subsidies from policy discontinuities”, Labour Economics, forthcoming
Van den Berg G.J. and J. Vikstr¨
om (2014), “Monitoring Job Offer Decisions, Punishments, Exit to
Work, and Job Quality”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 116(2), 284-334
om J. (2014), “Comment on van den Berg, Uhlendorff and Wolff: Sanctions for young welfare
recipients”, Nordic Economic Policy Review, 2014(1), 209-213
Hesselius P., P Johansson and J. Vikstr¨
om (2013), “Social Behaviour in Work Absence”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 115(4), 995-1019
om J., M. Rosholm and M. Svarer (2013), “The effectiveness of active labor market policies:
Evidence from a social experiment using non-parametric bounds”, Labour Economics, 24, 58-67
Forslund A, P Fredriksson and J Vikstr¨
om (2011), “What active labor market policy works best in
a recession?”, Nordic Economic Policy Review 2011(1), 2011, 171-202.
Working Papers
om, J. (2015), “Evaluation of Sequences of Treatments with Application to Active Labor
Market Policies”, IFAU Working paper 2015:5
om J., G. Ridder and M. Weidner (2015), “Bounds on treatment effects on transitions”,
cemmap working paper CWP01/15
Johan Vikstr¨
om, Ph.D. Economics (updated April, 2015)
Andersson E., P. Lundborg and J. Vikstr¨
om (2014), “Income receipt and mortality - evidence from
Swedish public sector employees”, IFAU Working paper 2014:7, revise and resubmit Journal of
Public Economics
Avdic A., P. Lundborg and J. Vikstr¨
om (2014), “Learning-by-doing in a highly skilled profession
when stakes are high: evidence from advanced cancer surgery”, IFAU Working paper 2014:7
om J. (2014), “IPW estimation and related estimators for evaluation of active labor market
policies in a dynamic setting”, IFAU Working paper 2014:1
van den Berg G.J., P. Lundborg and J. Vikstr¨
om (2012), “The Economics of Grief”, IFAU Working
paper 2012:23, revise and resubmit Economic Journal
om, J. (2009), “Cluster sample inference using sensitivity analysis: the case with few groups”,
IFAU Working paper 2009:15
Work in Progress
Long-run effects of active labor market policy programs (with Gerard J. van den Berg)
The effects of training over the business cycle (with Arne Uhlendorff)
Increasing the credibility of the twin birth instrument (with Helmut Farbmacher and Raphael Gruber)
Publications in Swedish
Avdic A, P Lundborg and J Vikstr¨
om (2014), “Leder erfarenhet till b¨
attre v˚
ardkvalitet? ”, Ekonomisk
debatt 42(1), 27-34
Lundborg P, M Nilsson and J Vikstr¨
om (2011), “Hur p˚
averkar socioekonomisk status och ˚
arbetsmarknadseffekterna av olika h¨
alsoproblem?”, Ekonomisk debatt 39(4), 29-43
Eliason M., Lundborg P. and Vikstr¨
om J. (2010) “Massupps¨
agningar, arbetsl¨oshet och sjuklighet:
En rapport om konsekvenser av 1990-talets frist¨
allningar f¨or slutenv˚
ardsutnyttjande och risk f¨or
f¨ortida d¨
od”, Government report SOU 2010:102 (Sociala r˚
Forslund A. and Vikstr¨
om J. (2010) “Arbetsmarknadspolitikens effekter p˚
a syssels¨
attning och arbetsl¨
oshet - en ¨
oversikt”, Bilaga 1 till L˚
angtidsutredningen 2011
Van den Berg, G.J. and Vikstr¨
om, J. (2010) “Sanktioner i arbetsl¨oshetsf¨ors¨akringen?”, Ekonomisk
debatt 38(1)
Hesselius, P., Johansson, P. and Vikstr¨
om, J. (2008) “P˚
averkas individen av omgivningens fr˚
Ekonomisk debatt 36(7)
Reports (In Swedish)
Andersson E., P. Lundborg and J. Vikstr¨
om (2014) “Arbete, l¨oneutbetalningar och mortalitet”,
IFAU Rapport 2014:19
van den Berg, G.J., Lundbor P. and Vikstr¨
om J. (2012) “De l˚
angsiktiga ekonomiska och sociala
konsekvenserna av att f¨
orlora ett barn”, IFAU Rapport 2012:25
Johan Vikstr¨
om, Ph.D. Economics (updated April, 2015)
ogren A. and Vikstr¨
om J. (2012) “Leder nystartsjobben till h¨
ogre syssels¨
attning?”, IFAU Rapport
om, J. (2009) “Hur p˚
averkade arbetsgivaransvaret i sjukf¨ors¨akringen l¨onebildningen?”, IFAU
Rapport 2009:11
Ph.D Economics . Uppsala University, 2009
Dissertation: Incentives and Norms in Social Insurance: Applications, Identification and Inference
Discussant: Professor John Ham, University of Southern California.
M.A. Statistics, Uppsala University, 2005
B.A. Economics, Uppsala University, 2005
Research Grants
Health Shocks and Labor Market Outcomes, (3 years), funded by FAS, Erik Gr¨onqvist, Petter
Lundborg and Johan Vikstr¨
Honors and Awards
Wallander scholarship granted to younger prominent researchers including full funding for post
doctoral research for 3-years ($160,000)
Full scholarship for visiting University of Southern California, awarded by Jan Wallander and Tom
Hedelius foundation, 2007-2008
Scholarship for good performance in PhD education awarded by the Swedish association of economics
in memorial of Ingemar Carlsson
Refereeing papers for:
Journal of Econometrics, Labour Economics, Empirical Economics, LABOUR: Review of Labour
Economics and Industrial Relations, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, CESifo Economic Studies,
Health Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Nordic Journal of Health Economics, Scandinavian
Journal of Economics
Martin Nilsson, Uppsala University (co-supervisor)
Daniel Avdic, Uppsala University (co-supervisor)
Teaching Experience
Policy Evaluation, Master Level, Uppsala University (2010-2015)
Intermediate Microeconomics, Uppsala University (2007, 2008, 2010, 2012)
Basic Econometrics, Uppsala University (2007)
Committee Work
Member of Social Science Faculty’s Doctoral Students’s Council (SDR) at Uppsala University. Representative of the Department of Economics, 2005-2006
Member of the board of the graduate students council, 2006-2007