Fall’04 MEC 1011 Do-Nut Holder Assembly Documentation:

MEC 1011
Do-Nut Holder
Assembly Documentation:
As usual create a new .ipj for assignment 8
Start you new Do-nut holder in the assembly mode (.iam) The holder must
consist of at least (3) parts, one of which can come from the catalogue.
Create a new part and name it appropriately. This part will be the anchored
part of your assembly so it is good practice to orientate it in a fashion that
makes the rest of the assembly easy to create. I made my base first and on the
XZ plane, so it appears to sit horizontally in the isometric view .
Make your other parts according to your design with Mr. Johnson.
If you have used an “off-the–shelf” part get it from the library of parts.
Make dimensioned drawings of each part as well as an assembly with
Parts List and Balloons.