AS Physics - Hartismere School

Albert Einstein 1879-1955
1921 Nobel Laureate in Physics
for his services to theoretical physics
especially for the discovery of the
law of the photoelectric effect
OCR Physics B
Which examination
board and
specification do the
school use?
Do I need straight
“Advancing Physics”
No, but you so need 5 grade Cs
at GCSE including BB in double
award science. A grade C in
maths would be very useful.
Yes, especially if you enjoy
science and definitely if you
plan to do applied maths,
aviation, biotechnology,
computing, criminology,
engineering, forensics,
geophysics, medicine,
meteorology, metallurgy,
optometry, teaching,
telecommunications and
many more…
Should I consider
taking this course?
What is the
structure of the
Physics in action
Understanding processes,
experimentation and data
Physics in practice
Our students have gone on to do some very interesting
things. Here are just a few examples:
Natural Sciences/Engineering at Cambridge
Medicine at Imperial College London
Engineering at Loughborough
Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham
Automotive Engineering at Loughborough
Computer Studies at Warwick
Physics at Leeds
Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough
Interior and Spacial Design at Suffolk College
Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough
AS Physics
How will I be
You will have 3 double lessons per
The lessons will consist of some theory
work, some practical work, some
practice exam papers, coursework and
regular assessment.
One or more of the following:
Mr Arthur
Mrs Nunn
Mr Peaty
Who will teach me?
How is the course Assessed?
Physics in action
1 hour exam
30% of AS
15% of A Level
experimentation and
data handling
1 hour 45 minutes exam 50% of AS
25% of A Level
Physics in practice
Measurement report
Materials presentation
20% of AS
10% of A Level
AS Physics - Course Content
Physics in Action
Electrical circuits, waves, images and simple optics.
Designer Materials
Materials and how their properties are related to their uses
and their structures.
Understanding Processes, Experimentation and Data
Waves and Quantum Behaviour
Wave phenomena, quantum behaviour of photons and the
idea of possible photon paths.
Space, Time and Motion
Classical mechanics including vectors. Uniformly accelerated
motion and motion in two dimensions under a constant force.
Physics in Practice
Quality of Measurement Report.
A report of a measurement or a study of a physical
Physics in Use Presentation
A presentation on the use, properties and structure of a
A2 Physics
Should I consider
taking this course?
Yes! If you enjoyed AS physics and you
want to continue studying physics at a
higher level.
Do I need straight
As at AS level?
No! But you do need to demonstrate
the ability to pass the AS modules and
convince us that you’re going to put in
the effort to study for the more
demanding course at A2.
How is the course Assessed?
Rise and fall of the
clockwork universe
1 hour 15 minutes exam 15% of A Level
Field and particle
2 hour exam
25% of A Level
Researching physics
Investigation report
Research report and
10% of A Level
A2 Physics - Course Content
Rise and Fall of the Clockwork Universe
Models and Rules
Random decay and the decay of the charge on a capacitor,
energy and momentum, the harmonic oscillator and circular
Matter in Extremes
Kinetic theory of gases, thermal behaviour of matter and the
effect of temperature.
Field and Particle Physics
Electromagnetism, electric fields and potential.
Fundamental Particles
Atomic, nuclear and sub nuclear structure, ionising radiation
and risk.
Researching Physics
Practical Investigation and Report
•A report of an extended investigation of a practical problem
related to physics or its applications.
Research Briefing Report and Presentation
•A short written and verbal report on a topic of interest to the
Standing waves
seen in pipes as
roaring flames
Attend expert
lectures at Cambridge’s
Cavendish Lab
Make videos and
photographs of
a material from Spandex
to Kevlar and make
a presentation
See the photoelectric
effect that was
explained by Einstein
Solve the
monkey hunter
Question everything
you though you
knew about science
your favourite topic
to great depth and
report on it.