Fife Council - Make your move Kirkcaldy

Make your move Kirkcaldy
Inspiring and Encouraging More Walking and Cycling
Fife Council and Sustrans are working in partnership to encourage more
walking and cycling in Kirkcaldy with a particular focus on cycling which
makes up a very low share of existing journeys.
A project team made up of staff from both organisations works with partners
in the local community to deliver a range of activities.
Project Co-ordinator
Michael Nimmo
07824 628491
A baseline survey of more than 1,000 households was carried out
which identified a number of key issues in Kirkcaldy:
• Large numbers of short journeys made by car
• Very low levels of physical activity
• Low levels of awareness of cycling opportunities
• Concerns about the safety of cycling
The objectives of Make your move Kirkcaldy are:
• Deliver a range of established and new interventions that advocate
and support more sustainable travel modes;
• Provide high-quality information about local opportunities for, and
the benefits of, sustainable travel;
• Enable and encourage people to walk or cycle more by providing
practical training, support, advice and motivation;
• Improve the physical environment by providing facilities for walking,
cycling and access to public transport throughout Kirkcaldy;
• Prove the effectiveness of approach and build the case for ongoing
investment in similar initiatives in Fife and elsewhere.
Fife Council and Sustrans work in partnership to deliver Make
your move Kirkcaldy.
The project includes a range of complementary interventions to
inspire and support increased walking and cycling – including:
New and improved routes for walking and cycling
Schools programme including I Bike and Bikeability
Workplace bike loan scheme
Behaviour change marketing
Information such as route maps
Cycle training for adults
The project is funded by Fife Council and Sustrans (with funding from
Scottish Government). Additional funding for 2012-13 has been
secured from the People’s Health Trust.
A challenge to this type of project is the short term release of funding
which makes longer term planning more difficult.
There is considerable and growing interest in cycling and potential
for increase in trips made my bike. Giving people information and
support to get cycling can have a real impact.
The project continues into 2013 and beyond with more
improvements to the cycle network and increased opportunities
for people to try cycling, have cycle training, join groups on led
rides and learn about bike maintenance.
Partnership working and sustained, co-ordinated efforts are particularly
Travel behaviour change is a long term process and results will be
measured over several years. Initial data is promising (see below).
Great feedback from beneficiaries for example a participant in the bike
loan scheme found:
“how easy it was to get from A to B without the cost of expensive
petrol. I made short journeys in the car for 'quickness' rather than
walking but a bike can be just as fast - and obviously the
At some point the formal project will come to an end but Sustrans and
Fife Council will continue to apply the principles both in Kirkcaldy and
A detailed survey will be conducted at the end of the project to
measure impacts including change in travel behaviour patterns, and
resulting economic and carbon effects.
For the long term legacy of the project a skilled volunteer base will help
to keep walking and cycling promotion high on the agenda
regardless of future funding constraints.
And a cyclist who took part in a cycle fun day:
“The most useful part for me was the led ride. It has given me the
confidence to take my bike out on the roads by myself.”