by Dec 2014 National Adult Achievement Award

Development of a National
Adult Achievement Award
Focus Group
Thursday 28 August 2014
Newbattle Abbey College
National Developments in Adult
• 2 National Adult Learning
• National Strategic Forum for
Adult Learning
Statement of Ambition for Adult
Learning in Scotland
produced by National Strategic
Forum for Adult Learning
reflects extensive consultation with
learners and providers
launched in May 2014
3 core principles re adult learning:
• should be lifelong
• should be life-wide
• should be learner-centred
Strategic Priorities for Statement of
– drafted by National Strategic Forum
– will lead to an implementation plan
– growing momentum behind adult
Background to Award
SCQF Partnership provided funding
for development of credit-rated
programmes for adults
CLD developing local achievement
awards for adults
Consultation with CLD Managers
Adult Learning Group/Adult
Literacies/CLD Standards Council
positive response
Steering Group established to discuss
development of award
Newbattle Abbey College asked to
become the awarding body
Consultant appointed to develop
award for submission to SQA for
approval by Dec 2014
National Adult Achievement Award
• context-free
• content-free
• complements informal communitybased learning
• will accredit adults for their learning/
• portfolio of evidence, based on
Dynamic Youth Award model
• wide range of activities and settings
• 3 SCQF levels proposed at this stage:
3, 4 and 6
• individual/group options
• award endorsed nationally
• offers progression to further
accredited learning
• supports Statement of Ambition
Progress to Date
• schedule agreed for development of
• consultant appointed
• award ‘owned’ by Newbattle Abbey
• Education Scotland Conducted survey
monkey with interested
• 3 Focus Groups arranged to consult
providers and learners more fully
• following consultation, award will be
submitted to SQA for approval by
December 2014.
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