Federal Programs - Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village

What are Federal Programs
and How Can I be Involved?
Professional Development Meeting
Stanley Hupfeld Academy
August 2014
Federal Programs
• Title I
Improving the Academic Achievement of
the Disadvantaged
• Title II A
Improving Teacher and Principal Quality
Definition of Title I
• Title I provides federal funding to schools to
help students who are low achieving or at
most risk of falling behind.
• Title I is allocated to schools based on the
percentage of students receiving
free/reduced lunch.
• Schools with a percentage of less more than
40% are eligible for a schoolwide program.
SHA operates a Title I
Schoolwide Program.
Schoolwide means
• The school uses Title I funds to upgrade the
entire educational program of the school.
• Title I funds are used to serve all children in
order to raise academic achievement.
• Title I funds will be used to provide additional
assistance to all students who experience
difficulties in meeting the State’s performance
To be a “Schoolwide” School
• The school must have a free/reduced lunch
count of at least 40%.
• The school must collect and analyze data
that effects student achievement.
• The school must develop a comprehensive
site plan and annually review the
effectiveness of the plan.
Stanley Hupfeld Academy’s
Title I Schoolwide Program
Planning Team
Community Members
Curriculum and Instructional
Reading Specialist
Instructional Media Assistant
Supplemental Counseling Services
Professional Development
Focus Goals
• Goal #1: All students will academically increase
performance in Reading.
• Goal #2: All students will academically increase
student performance in mathematics.
• Goal #3: All students will be taught by highly
qualified teachers.
• Goal #4: All students will be educated in learning
environments that are safe, drug-free, and
conducive to learning.
• Goal #5: All students will transition to middle
Scholastic Reading Inventory
A+ Program
State Assessments
Standardized Tests
Proficiency Levels for 2013
What are Federal Programs
and How Can I be Involved?
Annual Parent Meeting
Stanley Hupfeld Academy
August 2014
Title I Parent Notification
Parent Involvement Policy
• Parents may request a copy of the Parental
Involvement Policy which is available in the
school office.
School-Parent Compact
• Parents may request a copy of the HomeSchool Compact from the school office.
Parent’s Right to Know –
Student Achievement
• Parents will be mailed information
regarding their child’s achievement on state
assessments and this information will be
reviewed at parent teacher conferences.
Proficiency Levels for 2013
Parent’s Right to Know –
Non-Highly Qualified Teachers
• Schools are required to notify parents if
their child has been taught for four or more
consecutive weeks by a teacher that is not
highly qualified.
• 100% of teachers are Highly Qualified.
How Can You Be Involved?
Parent Involvement
Policy Development
Planning Meetings
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Program Review Meetings
Parent Involvement in
Decision Making
Board Meetings
Planning Meetings
Policy Development
Program Review Meetings
Right to Request Meetings
• Upon the request of parents, the school must
provide opportunities for regular meetings
for parents to formulate suggestions and to
participate, as appropriate, in decisions
about the education of their children.
• The school must respond to any such
suggestions as soon as practicably possible.