FBI-SOS Challenge - National Center for Simulation

FBI Top Five Priorities
 1.
 2. Counterintelligence
 3. Cyber Crime
 4. Public Corruption
 5. Civil Rights
This is who your child thinks they are
chatting with…
…but they may be chatting with
someone else
Program Overview
 Safe
Online Surfing (SOS)
 Grades 3rd-8th
 Learn to combat online
Who Can Use SOS?
 Public
and Private Schools
 Enables students to familiarize
themselves to become
responsible cyber citizens
 No downloads or installation
SOS Topics Covered
 Protecting
Personal Information
 Online Predators
 Cyberbullying
 Instant Messages
 Social Networking
How to Get Started with SOS
 To
view: Visit https://sos.fbi.gov
 To participate:
Teacher/Administrator must
 Students complete grade-specific
SOS Challenge Results and
 Schools
are categorized
 Ranked on National Level
 Ability to earn a FBI-SOS
national trophy
 Visit from a FBI Special Agent
For a list of resources or to report
cyber crimes against children:
 1.
Contact your local police department
 2. 1-800-THE-LOST
 3. National Center for Missing and
Exploited Childrenwww.missingkids.com
 4. Internet Crime Complaint Centerwww.ic3.gov
 5. The Federal Bureau of Investigationwww.fbi.gov
LeShanda DuParl
Community Outreach Specialist
FBI-Tampa Division
(813) 253-1139