Kate Davies

ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme
Dick Institute, Kilmarnock
3 September – 24 December 2011
Kate Davies, Cultural Development Coordinator – Visual Arts and Exhibitions
Cultural and Countryside Services
East Ayrshire Council
Bill Viola Studio
•Adding to ARTIST ROOMS collections
Bill Viola ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme, Dick Institute 2011
‘To establish and maintain effective collaborations between curators,
educators and other gallery staff to maximise the potential of ARTIST
ROOMS and realise its key objectives’
Bill Viola ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme, Dick Institute 2011
Viola Learning Programme Team
Phillipa Aitken
Kate Davies
Michelle Laats
Michaella Mullen
Carol Keohone
Louise Kyle
Arts and Media Development Manager
Visual Arts and Media Officer
Performing Arts Development Officer
Arts Coordinator
Audience Development Assistant
Audience Development Officer
Visual Art
Michelle Laats and Michaella Mullen
Marco Rea and Clare Kelly
Jack Henderson
Calum Coutts
Mike Scott
Kenny Caldwell
Bill Viola ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme, Dick Institute 2011
‘Viola’s Predellas’ (age group 13 – 18)
Mime and Chorus Work
Sound Composition
Chirology and Movement
‘Catherine’s Room’ (age group 15 – 21)
Twilight series of workshops which took place at the Dick Institute every week.
A group of participants 10 from across East Ayrshire aged 15–21 used drama and
visual art to explore and develop their piece.
Sharing Event
The finished work was created within six weeks and performed at a sharing event at the
Dick Institute on 7th November by the 50 students in the four workshop groups from
Grange Academy, Kilmarnock Academy, Park School, Kilmarnock College and Cumnock
Academy. Photography, sound recording and film were used to document the project and
as the outcome of the work.
Thanks to support from the Art Fund it was made possible for us to produce a publication
folder with insert and documenting DVD recorded at the sharing event.
Bill Viola ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme, Dick Institute 2011
Working on this learning programme with the students
changed my thoughts and views and the way I looked
at Viola’s work. As a drama artist I found the videos
and techniques Bill Viola uses very inspiring and
engaging. It taught me new ways of creating
powerful pieces of theatre with the young people.
Michelle Laats
Writing music with Kilmarnock Academy for the
Viola project was a really exciting process.
Each of the three works gave us different ideas but
seemed to give a consistent feel through the
compositions. The pupils at Kilmarnock Academy
were always confident to try new ideas with their
voices and instruments.
Marco Rea
Using Bill Viola’s work, ‘Four Hands’, as a primary
source and ancient rituals as a secondary source
we collaborated to create an ambulomantic
structure (a form of divination involving walking
in circles) with chirological movements inspired by
sign language, Buddhist mudras (symbolic hand
gestures) and movements of the students’ own
invention. The finished piece required a sense of
stillness and containment, again a reflection of
Viola’s work which the students delivered from a
true understanding of the work.
Jack Henderson
Bill Viola ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme, Dick Institute 2011
Mime and Chirology – Grange Academy
Sound Composition – Kilmarnock Academy
Park School – Chirology and Movement
Catherine’s Room – Kilmarnock College and individuals
•Collaboration between curatorial staff and educators
•Dialogue and dual learning process for staff, artists and learners
•Professional development and maintaining international contacts
•Professional collaborations
•Level of work achieved by young people
Bill Viola ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme, Dick Institute 2011
I learned to look at art more closely
Male participant, age 13
The project helped me learn how to
express emotions on my face, and about
Bill Viola and his work
Male participant, age 13
It was a great experience and a great musical outcome.
I realised that moving image is something that is
emotional and exciting.
Female participant, age 15
I found the experience of the project
thrilling and moving
Female participant, age 15
I learned how to express
different emotions through
very slight movements
Female participant, age 18
Something I learned is that
performance is just as inspirational
and thought-provoking as any other practical art work
Female participant, age 20
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