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Tips on psychology applications to
Admissions at the University of Ulster
Dr Edel Ennis
Course Director, BSc. Psychology
[email protected]
BPS accredited psychology courses offered at UU
University of Ulster at Magee
 BSc. Psychology
University of Ulster at Coleraine
 BSc. Psychology
 BSc. Social Psychology
Available with DIS / DAS placement year
No psychology courses offered at Jordanstown
Other non-accredited psychology courses
available at UU
Many minor programmes, example;
BSc. Advertising with Psychology
BSc. American Studies with Psychology
BSc. Business Studies with Psychology
BSc. Drama with Psychology
BSc. European Studies with Psychology
BA French and Spanish and Psychology
many other combinations available within
Structure of Degree
Full time (3 years) or part time (4.5 - 6 years)
full time fees approx £3,225 per year
part time fees currently approx £200 per module
18 modules within degree
Can advise student on how to avail of financial
tuition fees loan
student loans
other bursaries and scholarships
We offer bursaries of up to £1,070 for each year of the course. They
are in addition to any government grants you may receive and do
not have to be paid back. Bursaries are designed to help students
with course related costs such as books, equipment, travel or
childcare and the total annual expenditure on bursaries by the
University is currently around £4 million.
Bursaries are means tested and the amount a student receives is
determined by the residual household income as assessed by the
Education and Library Board/Local Authority.
Our bursaries for students starting a course in 2009 are:
£1,070 per year where residual household income is at or below £18,820
£640 per year where residual household income is between £18,821 and
£320 per year where residual household income is between £21,526 and
Psychology, BSc (M) Access Awards
Psychology BSc (C)
Social Psychology,
BSc (C)
Best qualified entrants
with an A Level or
equivalent in
Psychology, BSc (M) Access Awards Best qualified non -"A" 6 (M) £1,500
level entrants and
Psychology BSc and
applicants who have
7 (C)
Social Psychology,
not been in formal
BSc (C)
education for 2 years
or more.
Psychology, BSc (with Academic
Social Psychology,
BSc (with DIS/DAS)
Best overall Year 2
students progressing
onto placement year
How to make an application
Applications for full time through UCAS
Applications for part time directly to University
 see
Outline how you meet the entry criteria
Entry requirements
You are normally required to satisfy the general
entry requirements of the University for a first
degree course and possess a C or above at GCSE
level or equivalent in English and mathematics.
For mature applicants, GCSE Mathematics or
equivalent is not a requirement
Mature students will be required to provide
evidence of recent successful study in a related
subject at an appropriate level, such as an 'A' level
or Open University credit.
Entry requirements
A Level;
minimum of 260 UCAS Tariff Points to include grades
Irish Leaving Certificate;
260 UCAS Tariff Points to include CCCCC.
Applicants are also required to have ILC Higher level
English and Maths grade D or above OR ILC
Ordinary level English and Maths grade C or above.
Entry requirements
BTEC National Diploma;
260 Tariff points - Pass overall BTEC ND with
DMM. Applicants are also required to have
GCSE Maths grade C or above (or
Access Course;
pass with an overall average of 60% to
include Maths module where appropriate
Personal statement
a genuine awareness of what psychology is as a
 and that it involves statistics!
an awareness of the career paths available
evidence of any related work or voluntary skills
evidence of transferable skills – written and oral
communication, presentation skills
evidence of personal qualities – motivation etc
Interview conducted if individual discloses
criminal conviction
For part time entry, interview also conducted if
individual does not meet specified requirements,
but the personal statement shows evidence of
other relevant experiences
APEL – Accreditation of Prior Experiential
Very important!
If your student does not meet the specified
requirements when results come out, have them
call us
Those who meet the criteria have first
Occasionally, a few places are left and we may
offer them to those slightly short of the asking
Other relevant information
Information evenings and open days organised
chance to meet the staff, see the campus and
get information
Feel free to ask any questions, and can email at
any time
Hope to see you and your students soon!