We the People Account Set-up

We the People Petition
Account Set-up
A Step-by-Step Tutorial
Prepared by Joy Millam
Valencia High School
Placentia, California
[email protected]
Steps to set up account
 First, go to
 Click on Open Petitions
Find the petition of interest
 Scroll down and find your petition
 In this case it is the school library
 Click on Find out more
Select Create an Account
 Note-”Sign this petition” is grayed
out, you must create an account to
Creating your account
 Fill in the blanks
(as required)
 Click Register
 One more step– confirm your email
 Click on the link to continue to the
Confirm email
 Click on the link to confirm your We
the People account
Info Needed to Sign in
 The information to sign in for the first
time is listed in the email
 Time to sign
Sign in & Sign the Petition
 Click Sign-in
 Use the email and password
(randomly generated one that came
with confirmation email)
 Time to sign
 Click Sign this Petition
Success and Sharing
 Please share the petition
 Email link
Change your password
 Go to
 https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/user
 Click Edit Profile/Change Password
Changing your password
 Complete the change
 Type in desired word
 Include numerals to improve the strength
 Click Save Changes