CamProf Polska presentation - APL-Bud

CamProf Polska
Marta Jacyniuk-Lloyd
17 November 2008
Who we are
Cambridge Professional Development Ltd (CamProf) has set up
CamProf Polska, a Polish consultancy based near Warsaw but with
direct access to all the company’s expertise.
CamProf UK set up by Nigel Lloyd in 1994 as an international
consultancy in the field of professional development, with partners in
more than 20 countries across Europe.
We have particular expertise in:
professional development schemes, professional qualifications
standards of competence, competence-based qualifications
vocational education and training across Europe
work experience and learning from experience, study tours,
designing/organising interactive meetings
– designing projects (often multinational), building partnerships, finding
funding, writing bids, project management
– e-learning, IT-assisted meetings and decision-making
17 November 2008
Who am I
Born in Poland
Gained experience in EU funded projects in
Poland coordinating them and winning
Author of two standards of competence for
Poland in IT
PhD student in UK – dissertation is about
National Qualification Frameworks –
comparative studies
Coordinator of the APL Bud project
17 November 2008
APL Bud project
17 November 2008