Active European Citizenship/ NGO Work in Cyprus

Future Worlds Center
Active European Citizenship/
NGO Work and FWC in Cyprus
Future Worlds Center
Future Worlds Center
• We at the Future Worlds Center focus in capacity building,
peace-related process in Cyprus, facilitation of
communication and understanding between people in
conflicting societies, public debates about human rights,
transparency, safer use of Internet, extending European
citizenship in the Southern parts of Europe, youth
participation etc.
• We organize seminars, workshops, trainings and conferences
to promote its social-intervention aims.
Future Worlds Center
With the programs we have been running. We aim to
• Give Cypriot NGOs in Cyprus the opportunity to interact and
participate in programs that provide opportunities of
networking, capacity building
• Educate and raise awareness of school children and teachers
in general about global issues
• Promote cultural diversity,
• Enhance mutual understanding between European citizens
• Contribute to intercultural dialogue
• Contribute to social cohesion in Cyprus by providing support
to disadvantaged groups, and refugees
Future Worlds Center
NGO world has been rather weak in Cyprus,
and only in the past years is growing stronger.
Future Worlds Center
• According to the CIVICUS Study which is Civil Society Index
Project, done in 2008 in both sides of the island shows that
a) Structure of civil society is considered “slightly weak. (1.3 out
of 3)
b) The environment ( political rights, civil liberties etc) in which
civil society was judged “ relatively enabling” (2.1 out of 3)
c) The extent to which civil society practices and promotes social
values was considered “relatively significant (1.9 out of 3)
d) Impact of civil society at large was judged moderate (1.8/3)
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Future Worlds Center
• Future Worlds Center has 3 units that are
a)“Humanitarian Affairs”,
b) “Development Education”
c)“New Media Landscape”
All of these units has been promoting values of
EU citizenship such as cohesion, dignity,
freedom, equality, citizens’ rights.
Future Worlds Center
1)“Social Inclusion/Exclusion of Refugees in Cyprus” project which
is an effort to understand the social cohesion procedure for
refugees in Cyprus by exploring financial and educational and
social aspects of the phenomenon”
2) “Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture (URVT)” project which
supports and promotes the empowerment and rehabilitation of
torture victims with a focus on refugees and asylum seeker.
Future Worlds Center
• In the Unit of Development Education we aim to promote an
active citizenship for people to be aware of their rights and
responsibilities as citizens of this planet and as the citizens
of EU, and to take responsible and informed action.
Future Worlds Center
• Future Worlds Center (legal reg.: Cyprus Neuroscience and
Technology Institute) is the leading NGO in Cyprus with
regards to Development Education.
• FWC has been implementing a variety of initiatives and
project, promoting Global and Development Education,
Intercultural Dialogue, Citizenship Education and Peace
Future Worlds Center
• Throughout the past two years, FWC has been coordinating the
EuropeAid-funded project ‘Accessing Development Education’,
engaging educators and schools in Development Education
activities and equip them with relevant training and materials,
thus making them promoters and multipliers in the field of
Global Development Education.
Future Worlds Center
• FWC has also acted as implementing partner of the EuropeAid
funded project ‘Youth Ambassadors for MGDs (Millenium
Development Goals)’, which involved young people in actions
promoting the MDGs among youth.
Future Worlds Center
• Starting April 2010, FWC will coordinate the EuropeAid
funded project ‘TeachMDGs’, aiming at developing teaching
resources tailored to the educational system and its needs in
CY, BG, LT and EE.
• This project will focus on training teachers on different levels
(in service, student teachers and teaching instructors) to
promote a wide outreach to the educational system and to
actively engage not only the teachers, but also the learners.
Future Worlds Center
Furthermore, FWC is partners in the
a)EuropeAid funded project ‘Media for Development’, aiming at
engaging young leaders in utilizing new and web-based media to
promote the MDGs within the educational field
b)EuropeAid funded project ‘Capacity and Synergy building
among NGDOs and LAs in Greece, Cyprus and Malta for
c) EU funded project “ACID - Active citizens for intercultural dialogue” - The
aim of the project ACID is to organize citizens’ panels on the importance of
intercultural dialogue in the context of an increasingly intercultural
European Union, exploring original and innovative methodology, with the
potential to encourage citizens’ participation and to stimulate dialogue
between European citizens and the institutions of the European Union.
Future Worlds Center
It aims to bridging educational, economic, political and
other gaps in society by facilitating learning. Citizens of
EU also has rights in cyber world. The project
cyberethics under the unit of New Media Lab informs
teenagers, children, teachers and parents about their
rights online, the threats and dangers they could face
The main aim is to raise awareness about these issues,
and provide a place for reporting illegal or disturbing
content on the internet. (
Future Worlds Center
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