MASA - South Carolina Hospital Association

Mutual Aid and Sheltering
Agreement Between Participating
South Carolina Hospitals
Presented by:
Rickey Herring, CHSP, CHEP, LSCS
Greg Reed
MASA Introduction
• Today’s Speakers
• What is a MASA ?
• Consider joining the MASA
• Still developmental…
MASA History
• Formed by the Upstate Safety Group (now the SC EC Council)
to address SC DHEC requirements for evacuation planning
following the Governor’s Order of 1996 – Post Hugo
• Addressed DHEC licensure requirements
• Standardized timelines and common language
• Identified intra regional assets – beds, staffing, supplies
• Informal origins, direct contract between hospitals
Today’s MASA
• 48 SC Hospital membership circa 2011
• 1114 Beds in a WCS (Worse Case Scenario)
• Potential sharing of resources
• Scalable – Local, Regional, State-wide
• Hospital to Hospital or connectible to Jurisdiction,
Regional and State EM/Public Health
• Participating hospitals convene (SC EC Council) annually
to review & update
From The Mountains to the Sea
Today’s MASA
Hospital Membership Requirements
• Has current SC DHEC Licensure / CMS Cert.
• NIMS-Compliant ICS / Primary Response
• 24/7 Emergency Contact
• Redundant Communications
Today’s MASA
Still developmental…
• Exercising the MASA (Small Scale Has Been Done)
• Transportation Challenges
• Patient Referral Challenges
• Administering and Activation Challenges
MASA Advantages
• Intra – Regional to address numbers of patients
• Flexibility / Scalability / Integration
• Respective Hospital Legal Review
• Annual Agreement
• Application information
• Rickey Herring
2011 SC EC Coordinator
• [email protected]
Thank you!
• Rickey Herring - GHS Environment of Care Coordinator
– 864-455-6002 or 864-430-6669
• Greg Reed – Director,
[email protected].org
GHS Environment of Care/Emergency
– 864-455-5179 or 864-444-7819
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