Benefice Bulletin 21 December 2014

Benefice Bulletin
Please Pray For…
The healing of Pam Crutchfield, Nick Eden and Emma Barr.
The people of our Benefice as they celebrate the joyous birth of Jesus.
All those unable to celebrate due to sickness, loneliness or poverty.
Sunday 21st December 2014
4th Sunday of Advent
The people of Bethlehem, Nazareth and all of the Holy Land, that they
may find peace and love to live in harmony.
Christmas Services In The Benefice
St. John the Baptist
St. Andrew
St. Peter & St. Paul
Mount Bures (MB)
Wormingford (WF)
Little Horkesley (LH)
Wednesday 24 December 3pm: Crib Service – Mount Bures
Wednesday 24 December 4.30pm: Crib Service – Lt. Horkesley
Wednesday 24 December 6pm: Crib Service – Wormingford
Wednesday 24 December 10pm: Early Midnight Mass – Mount Bures
Wednesday 24 December 11.30pm: Midnight Mass – Lt. Horkesley
Services Today
Next Sunday (28th Dec)
Thursday 25 December 10am: Family Communion – Wormingford
Thursday 25 December 11am: Family Communion – Lt. Horkesley
15:30 9 Lessons & Carols MB
18:30 9 Lessons & Carols WF
18:30 9 Lessons & Carols LH
The Benefice Family Communion
will be held at 09:15 a.m. in
Mount Bures.
Sun. 28 December 9.15am: Benefice Family Communion – Mt. Bures
For Christmas Eve & Christmas
Day services - see reverse.
A memorable verse from…
2 Samuel
Your house and your kingdom
Shall endure for ever before me
Your throne shall be established for ever.
A very happy Christmas to you all
from John,
your Churchwardens & Deputies
The Stour Valley: A Prehistoric Landscape
This new book, with a Foreword by Ronald Blythe and dedicated to Ida
McMaster, is on sale in our Churches price £5. It is an interesting and
comprehensive investigation into the archaeology and crop marks of the
Middle Stour Valley, with lots of photographs, diagrams and information.
A wonderful item for your Christmas stocking!
Little Horkesley Magazine
Donations toward the cost of the Little Horkesley magazine are now due
and would be most welcome.