MA373 S15 Course 373 Intro

Financial Mathematics
Math 373
Math 373 – Instructor
• MATH 175 (Tu & Th at 1:30) and
LILLY G126 (Wed at 9:30)
• Jeff Beckley
Math 818
[email protected]
Office Hours
• Tuesday 10:00 to 11:30
• Thursday 10:30 to 11:30
• By Appointment
Math 373 – Optional Textbooks
• Mathematical Interest Theory, Second Ed.
– First Edition is okay.
• Derivative Markets, Third Edition
• Supplemental Study Materials
– Actex
– Coaching Actuaries
Math 373 – Calculators
• Only Society of Actuaries Exam
calculators may be used on tests and
• See Syllabus
• Recommend Texas Instruments BAII Plus
• See PDF files on Class Website
Math 373 – Procedures
• Evaluation
– Quizzes (20%)
• 6 quizzes
– Homework (4%)
– Four tests (76%)
• Three tests worth 19%% each
• Final worth 19%
Math 373 – Procedures
• Quizzes and Tests are closed book
• Only permitted calculators are allowed
• Quizzes cannot be made up
– Lowest Quiz dropped
• Tests can only be made up under extreme
• Homework is essential
– Due at the Beginning of Class
– Will not accept late
– 2 lowest grades will be dropped
Math 373 – Procedures
• Quizzes and Homework
– Must show all your work to get full credit.
– Answer without work will get less than 50%
• Grades will be on a plus/minus scale
– See scale in syllabus
Math 373 – Academic
Dishonesty (Cheating)
Cheating will not be tolerated!
Copying someone else’s HW is Cheating!
Giving someone your HW is Cheating!
Copying past published solutions is Cheating!
If you cheat on HW or Quiz, penalty is a zero on
the homework or Quiz and 5% of the total score
for the class.
• If you cheat on a Test, you will receive a failing
grade in this class.
Math 373 – Dual Purpose
• Learn Interest Theory
• Exam Prep Course
– SoA Exam FM
– CAS Exam 2
• Course Outline
Students Not Taking Exam Ever
• Do the HW.
– Master these problems and you will do well in
• Excellent Class for the quantitative
business student or finance major
• One senior business student stated:
– “It has been the most valuable class I have
had here at Purdue.”
Exam FM/Exam 2
• June 11-22
– Sign Up by May 4
• August 6-17
– Sign Up by June 29
• Goal: 250 hours of Preparation
– Keep a log
• Work as many problems as you can
• Plan for 250 hours
250 Hours
• Attend Class and Do HW
• Supplemental Material
• Problems Provided by Me
125 hours
75 hours
50 hours
To report an emergency, call 911. To obtain updates regarding an ongoing
emergency, sign up for Purdue Alert text messages, view
There are nearly 300 Emergency Telephones outdoors across campus and
in parking garages that connect directly to the PUPD. If you feel threatened or
need help, push the button and you will be connected immediately.
If we hear a fire alarm during class we will immediately suspend class,
evacuate the building, and proceed outdoors. Do not use the elevator.
If we are notified during class of a Shelter in Place requirement for a tornado
warning, we will suspend class and shelter in the basement.
If we are notified during class of a Shelter in Place requirement for a
hazardous materials release, or a civil disturbance, including a shooting or
other use of weapons, we will suspend class and shelter in the classroom,
shutting the door and turning off the lights.
Please review the Emergency Preparedness website for additional information.
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