Projects at Oslo VO Sinsen - Oslo Voksenopplæring Sinsen

Oslo Adult Education Centre
Established 2002
Target groups:
-Adults over 25 years who have not completed upper secondary education
-Young and adult apprentices
-Upper secondary education/academic studies: Norwegian, English, mathematics, natural
science, history, social studies and also higher levels of mathematics, chemistry, biology
ond physics needed for college and university
- All kinds of vocational education at upper secondary level, most of the students in different
health studies
-Validation and accreditation of prior learning at different levels
All education is based on national curricula and leads to formal exams and diploma within
the various subjects.
Oslo VO Sinsen got the National European Language price in 2012
Mars 2014
Projects at Oslo VO Sinsen
Grundtvig projects G2
Valorizing your potential- Making adult learning visible, 2011-13.
Partners: Germany (2 org), Sweden, Italy, Lithuania and Norway (2 org)
Creative rooms, 2010-12.
Partners: Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Greece, Belgium, Norway
Diversonopoly – Intercultural board game and network, 2008-10
Partners: Austria, The Chech Republic, The United Kingdom, France, Greece, Norway
A Comparative Study of the Educational Experience of Non-National Adult Students, 2008-10
Partners: Sweden, Ireland, Norway
Recognizing Life Skills: Validation of Prior Learning 2006-08.
Partners: The Netherlands, France, Austria, Lithuania, Norway
E-Pedagogy in Adult Education in Europe (EPAEE), 2006-08.
Partners: Cyprus, Sweden, Belgium, Latvia, Turkey, Norway
PACT, Participatory Active Citizenship. Tools for Engagement in the Educative and Political Process, 2005-07
Partners: Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway
Empowerment of Marginalized Women. Best practice in counselling and validation, marginalized women
entering and reentering labour market, 2003-05. Partners: Austria, Bulgary, Italy, Norway
Grundtvig projects G1
MIA: Mathematics in Action, 2005-07
Partners: Denmark, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary, Norway.
Coordinated by VOX -Norway
Other projects
Nordplus: Cooperation
Leonardo: Studentexchanges for assistant nurses, Eurocare
We arrange Study Visits
Mars 2014: Validation of former learning and improving learning outcome, AE
April 2013: Validation of former learning and assessing progress and achievement, AE
April 2012: Adult education, Practices in Norway
April 2011: Innovation and creativity in adult education
April 2010: Adult education, flexibility for the future
The Municipality of Oslo administers
different kinds of adult education:
- Norwegian for foreigners/ immigrants at different levels
- Special education for mentally challenged persons with special needs and disorders
- Persons with social and emotional disorders
- Drug abusers
- Criminals in prison and outside prison
- Ordinary adults from Norway and other countries that for various reasons
need education at different levels