Edexcel Further Mathematics
Pure 2 (FP2)
A knowledge of the specifications for C1, C2, C3, C4 and FP1, their
prerequisites, preambles and associated formulae is assumed and may
be tested.
The examination will consist of one 1½ hour paper. It will contain
about eight questions with varying mark allocations per question
which will be stated on the paper. All questions may be attempted.
Students are expected to have available a calculator with at least
the following keys: +, −, ×, ÷, π, √x, ln x, sine, cosine and
tangent and their inverses in degrees and decimals of a degree, and in
radians; memory. Calculators with a facility for symbolic algebra,
differentiation and/or integration are not permitted.
Chapter 1 - Inequalities
Uses ideas of inequalities from C1.
Chapter 2 - Series
Partial fractions knowledge is required from C4.
Uses standard results from FP1.
Chapter 3 – Further Complex Numbers
Trigonometry and coordinate geometry knowledge required from C2.
Uses ideas from complex numbers in FP1.
Chapter 4 and 5 – First and Second Order Differential Equations
Uses ideas from differential equations and integration from C4.
Chapter 6 – Maclaurin and Taylor Series
Differentiation knowledge is required from C3 and C4.
Chapter 7 – Polar Coordinates
Knowledge of finding the equation of a tangent to a curve from C1.
Cartesian equations and radian knowledge required from C2.
Tuesday Week A
Friday Week B
Theory lesson:
Practical Lesson:
Going through topics and
showing examples of
Practicing questions from the
book, exam questions and
familiarisation of the markscheme.
Explain the practical link
behind the topics
Lesson Layout
Homework will either be set in class or via email.
Homework will consist of exam questions to
improve exam practice.
If there is any problem with the homework or
you are unable to complete the homework please
contact me.
I will usually be in my room (F11) or in the 6th
Form Library. If not, email me and I will sort
something out.
[email protected]
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