Revival of trade - John Bowne High School

Do Now: Imagine that you have been locked in a room
for 500 years with no contact with the outside world.
What changes in society would you expect to find?
Europe during the
Middle Ages
Revival of Trade
-During this time, Europe is isolated
from much of the outside world.
-New ideas & technologies are not
being added to society.
-Once an area of highly advanced
culture & science, Europe falls behind
other regions in the world.
-Marco Polo
-Italian explorer who traveled to Asia &
China for 25 years.
-Brought back many new ideas &
products to Europe such as pasta,
gunpowder & spices
-As news of Polo’s travels spread,
other explorers followed in his path &
soon major trade routes were
established between Asia, the Middle
East & Europe.
-Scientific & cultural advances are
brought to Europe
-Europe is reborn
 Examine the handout - How did a revival of trade
cause Europe to be reborn?
 Underline or highlight the important info
 Answer Documents 1 – 3 in FULL SENTENCES
 Which product from China has had the greatest
impact on your life?