SEM1_1.04 Sport-Event Product

Categories and characteristics of
sport/event products
Sport Events
Ones we participate in
• Ones watch/hear, in person/on TV, radio
or internet
Athletes or Entertainers
•Essential for sport events / without them
there are no competitions
Fans are connected to them when:
a. Colorful history
b. Special memories in community
Madison Square Garden
In New York
Chicago Stadium in Chicago, IL
Non-sport events
Concerts most popular
Plays or Opera
Sporting goods
a. Equipment- bat, helmet, cleats
b. Apparel – Running shorts, hats
Any product that bears the
name or logo of a sport team
or league produced and
Distributed by an authorized
 Clothing is huge.
 Also sold at non-sport events
• Examples:
• Video games
• Jackets
• Hats
Sport mediums are sport/event products.
 1) TV shows and networks
 2) Web sites
 3) Magazines
 4) Newspapers
 5) Radio broadcasts
Sport services
a. Lessons
b. Camps
c. Fitness/recreation centers
Rented-goods services
Renting a product for a period
of time
1) Renting jet skis for a day on the lake
2) Reserving a city softball complex for your league
Owned-goods services
Repair or change a product you own
1) Pay for tennis racket to be restrung
Consistency of Goods
1) Quality of a good every
time you buy it
2) Example:
a) Adidas sweatshirts are
comfortable all the time
b) If it’s a defect, exchange it
The Trefoil Hoody in Bloom
Women’s Sweatshirts By
Consistency of Services
 Harder to guarantee
over time.
Customer Service
can be inconsistent
2) Example:
Rock band Good Charlotte gives 1
good concert and 2 bad concerts
In Charlotte
If product is inconsistent, market product
elements you
can control.
Prices: Group sales; discounts
 Atmosphere: Comfort seating; jumbo
 Pregame and half-time shows
 Separability -A product’s ability to be
considered apart from its provider.
Example: Justin Timberlake’s new CD. Do you
care were you buy it?
You’re able to separate the good from the
 Perishability – Able to store the product.
Goods can be stored, services can not. Justin
Timberlake’s concerts are perishable.
Explain the concept of perishability.
Explain the concept of separability.
Is it difficult to separate a service
from its provider?
Give examples if times they have
experienced this with sport/event
Sport/event products can be both goods
and services.
For example:
Join Planet Fitness you get service. You can
buy sport drinks; snacks; bags and
 The overall impression consumers
get from it’s unique name, design
or symbol.
 Characteristics of a good brand:
 Easy to recognize
 Stick out from competition
 Easily recognizable symbols
 It’s own personality
Products names should be:
 I. Positive
 II. Memorable
 III. Consistent with product’s
desired image
Marketers brand products through
logos and trademarks
 Meant to be recognizable by
Brand Image
 Over
time, brand awareness turns into
brand image.
 Brand image is the product’s
Example: In consumers’
mindsets, Nike
symbolizes both athleticism
and personal
Marketers want their products
to have a loyal, long-lasting
consumer following.
Research indicates that our
loyalty to specific sport teams
is greater than our loyalty to
any other products we
Consumers look for quality in areas of:
› Performance
› Durability
› Design
› Reliability
› Assurance
› Responsiveness
› Features
Both goods and services can be evaluated
for quality. Areas such as:
• Performance
• Serviceability
• Features
• Durability
• Reliability
• Design
In services, consumers look for quality in:
• Reliability: can I depend on the
service provider?
• Tangibles: how do the venue,
equipment, and personnel look?
• Assurance: are the employees
courteous and trustworthy?
Responsiveness: are the employees
helpful and prompt?
• Empathy: how much individual
attention will I receive from the service
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