Former Slaves Face Many Challenges

By Khadija S. &* Kesiha M.
What freedoms were new for
former slaves ?
 Something that was new to the slaves was permission
to travel ; to marry legally ; to attend school and to live
and work as they chose .
Why were so many African
American families separated ?
 So many African American families were separated
because of slave masters wanted that or when they
were at auction this happened at times .
What steps were taken for
educating former Slaves ?
 The steps that the former slaves take was that they
were punished if they tried to learn ; public and
private organizations ; white’s killed Washington Eager
but that didn’t stop them !.
How did churches and volunteer
groups assist former slaves ?
 Churches and volunteer groups assist former slaves by
having their own religious gathering called ‘ praise
meeting ‘ and after the war many African American
found their own churches which were usually Baptist
or Methodist .
How did Reconstruction bring
African American into politics ?
 Reconstruction brought African Americans into
politics by all levels because most of them where
ministers or teachers and had a increasing rote in
political organization and were winning a greater
number of set .
Hiram Revels
 1870 -1871
 was the first African American to
serve in the United States Senate.
Because he preceded any African
American in the Houses, he was
the first African American in the
U.S Congress as well. He
represented Mississippi in 1870
and 1871 during Reconstruction.
As of 2011, Revels is one of only six
African Americans ever to have
served in the United States
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