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• Abbreviations
• Why submit an application
• Top 10 things to know about applying
• What’s changed in the major competitions
• A Final Tip
Tri-Councils = SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR
• NSERC – Natural Science and Engineering Research
• SSHRC – Social Sciences and Humanities Research
• CIHR – Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Tri Council awards: CGS – Canada Graduate Scholarships
OGS – Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Tri-Council CGS Applications have a national
deadline of Dec 1/14 for all students that want
to hold the awards at the Master’s level
regardless of where you want to hold the award.
OGS applications – Our deadline is only for
students that want to hold the award here at
Laurier. Our competition opens Oct 1/14 and
closes on Feb 2/15 at 16:30 ET. If you are
thinking of applying to other schools, check their
website for deadline dates.
Why Submit an Application?
Show me the money…
 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)
 $15,000
 Canada Graduate Scholarship – Masters
 $17,500
 CGS holders are also eligible to apply for the Michael
Smith Foreign Study Supplement ($6,000)
Why Submit an Application?
But it’s not just about the money . . .
It’s an investment in you
Experience preparing applications
Experience writing proposals
Review and fine tune research objectives
General Guidelines
If eligible, you can apply for both the
Tri-Council CGS and the OGS awards
You can only hold one award at a time.
General Guidelines
• Tri-Council stipulates that you can receive a maximum of
four years of federal government-funded student awards
(six years – combined ).
• Applications being completed this fall are for awards to be
held during the 2015-2016 academic year.
Eligible recipients may elect to start award as early as May 2015.
• You do not need to be admitted to a graduate program
at the time of application.
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#1 – Verify your eligibility
Each competition clearly states eligibility criteria.
Academic standing (GPA)
Term of study
Lifetime maximum (four years; OGS six years)
Research component (subject matter)
Eligibility for
Tri-Council – Master’s
• Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
• Must be applying for support to pursue your first
graduate degree and not have completed more
than 12 months of full-time graduate study at the
proposed start date of the award.
• Have a first-class average (A- or 80%) in the last
two years of full-time study or equivalent (approx.
last 20 - 0.5 credit courses).
• Have not already received an award for Master’s
level study from a Tri-Council Agency
• An eligible graduate program must have
a significant research component.
Eligibility for an OGS
Open to all students – domestic or international
Academic Standing
• If entering the first or second year of graduate studies
at the time of application you must have an overall
average of at least A-, or the equivalent, on the last 20
one-term/semester courses, or the equivalent,
• If you are entering the third year of graduate studies at
the time of application you must have an overall
average of at least A-, or the equivalent, on all graduate
courses completed.
Only grades completed up to the end of August 30,
2014 will be considered.
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#2 – Deadlines
Know when and where to submit your application.
This varies by competition, current registration status
and Funding Agency:
 Tri-Council Masters – December 1st, 2014 (8:00pm
ET) through Research Portal
 OGS – all applicants who want to hold the OGS at
Laurier – February 2nd, 2015 (16:30 ET)
(competition opens on October 1st 2014 online:
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#3 – Ranking Guidelines
Available on competition websites.
Common criteria include:
 Academic standing (GPA, awards)
 Research ability or potential
 Communication/interpersonal/leadership
Note your involvement in campus and community
programs; volunteering
Evaluation Criteria
50% - Academic Excellence (transcripts, awards
& distinctions)
30% - Research Potential (work exp., research
contributions, letters of appraisal etc.)
20% - Personal Characteristics and
Interpersonal Skills (description of your
proposed program, work experience, community
involvement, extra-curricular. activities, letters of
appraisal, departmental appraisal etc.)
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#4 – Council Mandates
For Tri-Council competitions, ensure you
are submitting your application to the correct
funding agency.
For more information:
CIHR Research Themes
1.Biomedical Research
2.Clinical Research
3.Health Systems and Services
4.Population and Public Health (social,
cultural, environmental and ethical
dimensions of health)
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#5 – Submit Complete Application Package
Common components:
 Application form
 Transcripts
 References
 Research Proposal
ENSURE you have completed everything and followed
Have you filled out the correct form?
Have you provided all documents requested?
Tri-Council Master’s
• applications will require a Common CV (CCV)
• Missing pieces or incorrect forms, etc., may deem
the entire application to be automatically ineligible.
• “Extra” pieces of information not asked for in the
application this could also deem the application
ineligible. Exception: see allowable inclusions.
• Good article on applying for SSHRC Doctoral:
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#6 – References
Very important element of application.
Ask early.
Choose wisely.
Provide referee with
your research proposal
academic achievements (transcripts if necessary)
guidelines for the reference (format, deadline and where to
competition review criteria.
Acknowledge their time and effort.
Letters of Appraisal/ References
Tri-Council CGS M require two references
OGS requires two references
Choose faculty members who have had sufficient
opportunity to assess your potential.
One of the letters must be from your supervisor or
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#7 – Use Resources Available
• Bookmark and read the instructions
• Agency websites
• Department, including advisor and current award
• FGPS (Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral
• Writing Centre (
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#8 – Order Transcripts Now
Original, official transcripts must be submitted with the Tri-Council
Tri-Council Master’s applicants will upload their official transcripts but
must keep original on file
Certified copies of foreign transcripts only if originals cannot be obtained
will be accepted (ask FGPS ahead of time for certified copies if needed)
OGS - Copies of transcripts are uploaded with application
- References identified in your online application will be sent an
email request to complete a reference assessment online
Transcripts must show registration for Fall 2014 term for Tri-Council
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#9 – Research Proposal
Follow format outlined in the instructions
Note page maximum limits but don’t be afraid to use the full maximum
Avoid jargon.
If your program involves a thesis or MRP, include:
 Research question
 Context
 Objectives
 Methodology
 Contribution it will have on the advancement of knowledge
 Borderline topics: Why your research falls under that agency
Clear, concise, confident, coherent and correct
(error free)
Program of Study/Research
• Selection committees do consider your
level of study during evaluation.
• If necessary, indicate your proficiency with
any language required for your research
• Ensure your list of publications provides
bibliographic information
• Do not include research contributions
which have not been accepted for
Program of Study/Research
OGS - Statement of Interest
• Not a personal statement; do not include
• Must be about research or program
• If your degree program does not involve a
thesis/MRP, clearly outline research
training component of degree.
Top 10 Things You Should Know
#10 – Evaluation and Results
Tri-Council Master’s Awards
• applications reviewed and awards decided by a WLU
selection committees
• Results will be posted on Research Portal – April 1st
• 3 weeks to accept or decline – online
• By the mid-March to early April 2015
What’s changed?
• Applications will completed online directly
using application link on FGPS site
• All applications will be due on February 2,
2015 at 4:30pm ET (app open Oct 1/14)
• Copies of transcripts are uploaded with
• References will be emailed once identified in
your online application to complete the
reference assessment online for your app
What’s changed?
Tri-Council Master’s applications:
• All Tri-Councils have one common application
date – December 1, 2014
• Applications will be completed online and you
will upload your transcripts yourself
• You indicate up to 5 schools where you would
potentially like to hold the award
• Tri-Council will distribute applications to those
schools electronically
• WLU will only assesses applications that
indicated they wanted to hold the award here
Final Tip
Links to Application Sites
Tri-Council Master’s
OGS (Application live Oct 1/14)
Graduate Scholarship
Deborah Russell ([email protected])
Education, Music, Science, Seminary, Social Work, Geography
Tracy Swierenga ([email protected])
Arts, Balsillie School, Brantford, Business, Math
Cherie Mongeon ([email protected])
Graduate Financial Aid and Awards Officer
Jordana Garbati ([email protected])
Writing Centre
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