Graduate Summer School

Summer Graduate Schools
and Workshops
Prepared by S. Lapin
Institute for Pure and Applied
IPAM offers an intensive two- or three-week “summer schools”
dedicated to an important scientific theme involving problems of
mathematical interest.
Graduate Summer School: Games and Contracts for Cyber-Physical Security
July 7 - 23, 2015
The summer school will cover:
 Mathematical tools from game theory.
 Economic applications of game theory, such as principal-agent
theory, dynamic games and contracts, regulation, mechanism design
and auctions, and matching and market design.
 Game theory for cyber physical systems, especially security and
resilience with applications to various infrastructure domains.
Mathematical Modeling in Industry Workshops for
Graduate Students
August 5-14, 2015
Mathematical Modeling in Industry XIX - A Workshop for Graduate Students
Joint effort of IMA, PIMS and CIMAT to take place at the University of Minnesota
 To request an invitation to an IMA workshop or other program need
to complete the application form.
 Decisions about online applications are typically made one-three
months before the workshop.
 If you require funding to participate, complete the funding request
section. Funding is limited
Statistical and Applied
Mathematical Sciences Institute
2015 Industrial Math/Stat Modeling Workshop
(IMSM) for Graduate Students
July 12-22, 2015
 About thirty students selected from a national pool work in teams on projects
presented by nonacademic scientists.
 The workshop exposes mathematics and statistics students to current research
problems from government labs and industry as well as to a team approach to
problem solving.
 The students learn to interact with scientists outside their discipline, allocate tasks
among team members, and communicate results through both oral presentations
and written reports.
Pacific Institute for the
Mathematical Sciences
Industrial Problem Solving Workshops (IPSW)
Sixth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
August 17 - 21, 2015
Every summer MSRI organizes several summer graduate schools (usually two weeks each),
most of which are held at MSRI.
How to apply: Graduate students must be nominated by their Director of Graduate
Studies. The Director of Graduate Studies submits the ranked list of nominations for his or
her institution to the workshop coordinator ([email protected]) during the enrollment
period, specifying the Director of Graduate Studies' name and institution and, for each
nominee, the summer school name, the student's name, the student's contact (email),
and the student's gender, ethnicity, and US citizenship status.
Enrollment Period: December 1, 2014 at 10:00am Pacific Time through March 1, 2015
Institute for Computational and
Experimental Research
in Mathematics
ICERM welcomes applications from graduate students who wish to spend
between 6 weeks and one semester at ICERM to participate in one of our
semester-long programs. ICERM will provide workspace, shared computers,
and lockers; support for local expenses may be provided. The research interest
of visiting graduate students should relate to the semester program.
Applications may be submitted at any time until the end of the semester
program and will be considered as long as funds and space remain available.
Mathematics Calendar
For more info contact
Sergey Lapin: [email protected]
Kazuo Yamazaki: [email protected]
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