PowerPoint-Präsentation - DESY Summer Student Programme 2015

PIER Helmholtz Graduate School
further graduate schools on
Campus Bahrenfeld
How to apply for a PhD position
• Use your contacts from the DESY Summer Student Programme
• Look for open positions on the DESY website or the websites of
your favorite reserach teams
• Apply directly at the mentioned contact person
• Apply via the application form of a graduate school
PIER Helmholtz Graduate School & other
The Graduate School for
all PhD students with
DESY contract:
Other opportunities:
Graduate School
PIER Helmholtz Graduate School
Partnership for Innovation, Education, and Research of DESY and
Universität Hamburg
PIER Helmholtz Graduate School = “E” in PIER
Jointly funded by the Helmholtz Association, DESY and Universität
PIER Helmholtz Graduate School
PhD education within the PIER research and competence fields:
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Photon Science
Infection and Structural Biology
Theoretical Physics
PIER Helmholtz Graduate School
Study programme with focus on:
 Qualification
 Interdisciplinarity
 Support
 Leisure activities and social events (Running team, barbecues etc.)
PIER Helmholtz Graduate School
• Founded in 2013
• 70 Phd students / 56% international PhD students
• Application: all year
• Stipends: available / call: once a year
 Atomically Resolved Structural Dynamics
 Strongly-Correlated Electron Systems
 Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics
 Structure-Function Relationships in Biology
 Theoretical Studies of Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics
 Fundamental Processes in Quantum Physics (Theory)
 Attosecond Quantum Tomography and Electron Dynamics
 Ultrafast Surface Reaction Dynamics
 Structural and Electronic Dynamics on Extreme Timescales
 Laser-Driven, Ultrafast Undulator X-ray Sources
• Broad Curriculum with few rules
• Specialist courses by international lectureres
• Annual advisory panel meeting
• Social events
• Founded in 2010
• 40 Phd students / 65% international PhD students
• Application: January for fall
• Stipends: within MPI only
Graduate School
The Graduate School is an integrated part of the Cluster of Excellence
The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging established in November 2012
A: Imaging and Control of Quantum Systems
Photo-driven Dynamics coupled to Electronic Excitations
Real-time Chemical Dynamics in Complex Environments
Imaging Local and Global Coherence of Superfluids
Coupled Two-dimensional Superconductors
B: Atomically Resolved Structural Dynamics
 Structure-function Correlation in Biological Systems
 Expanding the Structural Basis of Biology with Novel Radiation Sources
 New Methods for Atomically Resolved Imaging
C: Dynamics of Order Formation on the Nanoscale
 Correlations and Dynamics in Disordered Model Systems
 Structure Formation in Nanomaterials
 Ultrafast Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Nanosystems
Graduate School
Excellent interdisciplinary educational and training programme
Guest programme, colloquia and distinguished lectureships
International workshops
Winter/summer schools organised by the PhD students
Graduate Days
46 Phd students / 43% international PhD students
Several funding opportunities: invitation of guest scientists, collaborative visits, etc.
Stipends: no
Thank you for your attention!
We are looking forward to meeting you
as a PhD student on Campus
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