12-7-14 Aaberg Cochran Odds in Back of Book

This Session
Free tools like Geogebra and Desmos
empower mathematics teachers to create
engaging lessons for students.
Explore the thought processes behind
constructing engaging lessons that spark
students’ curiosity and reconcile
algebraic, geometric, tabular, and
graphical representations.
Problems/resources will be provided.
Participants should bring their best ideas
with them to share with others.
Participants are encouraged to bring
technology (laptop or tablet) but this is
not required.
We need to establish a
community of practice.
We are preparing our students
to solve problems that do not yet exist.
Is it the responsibility of the math
teacher to prove the relevancy of
school mathematics?
Or is it the student’s job to find
opportunities to use mathematics
as vocabulary to describe the
Either way:
The teacher sets the task.
The Pizza Problem
Source: 2013 MATHCOUNTS State Competition, Team Round, Problem 2
The Pizza Problem
Geogebra? Desmos? How about BOTH.
• Draw a diagram using Geogebra.
• Draw a diagram using Desmos.
• Justify your claims with evidence from both.
Problem Source: Patrick Janike, Lincoln High School, Lincoln, NE, [email protected]
Write Your Name in Bubble Letters
Using Desmos (www.desmos.com)
Applied Math Examples
Sundays, 7-8 pm CST
• Weekly Twitter chat
where we share
problems and ideas
• If you prefer to just
“lurk,” no worries!
• Storify summary
posted after each chat
Storify Summary
Suggested Next Steps:
Become a member of NATM
(Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics)
Accept the invitation to the Dropbox folder
for sharing files from today’s presenters and participants
Participate in #noycechat
next Sunday night, 7-8 pm CST
THANK YOU for taking the time to grow with us!
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