Flying Start Presentation - Fulham Cross Girls` School

‘Flying Start ‘
18th September 2014
17:00 – 17:30
OFSTED - Outstanding
• “Outstanding because we ensure outstanding achievement
for all students and strive constantly to provide the best
possible care and education for each individual… students are
exceptionally well prepared for the future.”
What is special about Year 10?
• A fresh start – working for your reputation!
Behaviour points
Exclusions and inclusions
Attendance and punctuality
Core curriculum + pupils own path
• The most academic year – working for your future!
A space of one’s own
Majority of controlled internal assessments completed
Work experience
How can you support your daughter/ward?
Equip her
Help her learn to be organized
Talk to us
Be interested
Encourage her to join in!
Encourage participation in enrichment
Be knowledgeable
Homework website
Check homework
Encourage healthy balanced life style
We are proud of our results in 2014...!
Language GCSE
• 84% of year 11 gained A* - C in
their English GCSE
• 93% of year 11 gained A* - C in
their English Literature GCSE
English Language GCSE
English Literature GCSE
Wuth Heights /
R&J - C.A, 25%
Poetry across
time - exam, Year
11, 35%
Crucible - exam,
In Year 10..
Autumn term
•William Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet
•Literature Controlled
Assessment comparing
themes (25% Lit. GCSE)
•Classical and modern
Spring term
•Spoken language study
•Spoken language
controlled assessment
(10% Lang. GCSE)
•The novel Of Mice and Men •Extended reading
controlled assessment
(15% Lang. GCSE)
Summer term
• Media and Non-fiction
•Mock Unit 1 examination
How can I support my daughter in English?
How can I support my daughter in English?
How can I support my daughter in English?
Grammar books
How can I support my daughter in English?
• Encourage your daughter to write in a range of styles.
Perhaps short story writing, articles for the school magazine,
or a blog on a subject she is passionate about.
• Encourage her to read a variety of
Reading newspapers and other non-fiction texts.
• Reading for pleasure – always have a
Reading book on the go!
• Try more daring choices: maybe a classic
or prize winner.
GB Super-Heavyweight Champion - Anthony Joshua
“The only time
success occurs
before work is in
the dictionary.”
“Some people dream of great
accomplishments, while others
stay awake and do them.”
Year 10 Science
Flying Start Evening 2014
Year 10 Curriculum
• Triple Science- GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics
• Examined June 2016
GCSE Core Science and GCSE Additional Science
Examined June 2016
GCSE Core Science and Additional Applied Science
Examined in June 2016
OCR Core science
Examined in June 2016
Core ,Additional Science and Triple Science
ISA controlled assessment worth 25%
Exams in June 2015
Additional Applied GCSE
60% Coursework completed in lessons
40% exam- 2 exams in June 2015
Core Science
3 exams worth 25% each and two pieces of
controlled assessment worth 25%
• Regular GCSE style questions as progress tests
• Exam papers questions will be incorporated into lessons and
• Case study and data analysis task (OCR Core)
• End of year exam in June 2015
• ISA (GCSE coursework)
• Terminal exams June 2016
How can you support your daughter
• Ensure she completes all homework thoroughly
• Ensure she reviews her work and understanding after each
lesson and at the end of every week.
• Ensure that a revision programme begins at home at least
eight weeks before the examination
• Purchase recommended revision guide
• Buy activelearn online access to textbooks
• Visit Local science museum
• Ensure 100% attendance at school
• Ask her teachers for help if struggling
For £5 we can offer e access to science
textbooks, assignments and revision
The importance of communication
Thank you for attending the ‘Flying Start Evening’