IT Best Practices (ITBP) Project

IT Best Practices (ITBP)
Lisa Tomalty,
Information Systems and Technology
Project Introduction
Project Scope
IT service operations
What is ITIL?
ITBP Team members
Proposed Approach/Timeline
More Information
• IT Crowd…… the importance of talking about
Project Introduction
• Review and make recommendations related to
IT service processes and procedures
• Review what is working well and what needs
• Investigate ITIL concepts, processes and
• Apply ITIL and possibly other methodologies as
• Opportunity to do things better
Project Scope
• First Phase
– Service operations processes
– Change management
– Knowledge management (initially focusing on
knowledge base)
• Second Phase
– Continual Service Improvement processes
– Service catalogue
– Advise on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
and Operational Level Agreements (OLAs)
IT Service Operations
• Service Desk (Help desk) processes (currently
all done in RT)
– Incident Management
– Problem Management
– Request Fulfillment
– Access Management
– Event Management
What is ITIL?-1
• ITIL can be thought of as an ‘instruction
manual’ for effective IT Service
– Information Technology Infrastructure Library
– You can take the parts of it that you need
• Framework of “suggestions” and
suggested processes for managing IT
• Customer focused
– Focus on providing the value to customers
What is ITIL?-2
• Provides approaches/models/etc.
– E.g. Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
• Validated across many other organizations
• Non-prescriptive (can use parts)–”ITIL-lite”
Gartner snippet…
– A collection of books, abstract high-level
descriptive guidance
• People do not “do” ITIL
– They should do their processes in support of
the business
• Improved client satisfaction through a more professional
approach to service delivery*
• Improved IT services through the knowledge of proven
best practice processes and common terminology
• Increased competence, capability and productivity of IT
• Improved systems/ applications availability*
• Greater visibility of IT assets*
• Improved collaboration/communication between IT groups
ITBP Team members
Lead: Lisa Tomalty (IST)
IST-Enterprise Systems: Bill Baer
AHS: Terry Stewart
IST-IS: Dave Kibble
Arts: Keith McGowan
CECA: Celeste Horne
IST-ITMS: Daspina Fefekos
IST-NS: Steve Bourque
CEL: Dave Bean
IST-Security: Jason Testart
Eng: Steph Sempson
IST-Security: Mike Paterson
ENV: Mary Burden
IST-TIS: Martin Timmerman
Housing/IST: Cheryl Skingley
IST-TIS: Manfred Grisebach
IST- Manager Policies/Standards: Shawn
IST-TIS: Jennifer Matheson
ENG-Mech Eng: Mike Willson
Library: Andrew McAlorum
IST-CS: Peggy Day
MFCF: Eric Buller
Science: Kate Wood
Proposed Approach/Timeline
• Timeline: October 2013 – August 2014
• Approach
– Campus wide project
– Sub groups to focus on specific processes
– Consultations with other Canadian
– Connection to RT4 Implementation Project
– Communication and training will be key
More Information
• Please contact Lisa Tomalty,, x35873 for more
information or to discuss this project.
• IT Best Practices project
• Thank you!! 