Suggested Answers to the Exercise Where We had to Trim Excess

Critics can’t avoid abstract terms to
successfully analyze literary texts.
Science needs accurate data if its theories are
to advance the world safely
Graduate students face uncertain employment
in teaching.
Agencies that assisted our program
participants have reverted to their old policy.
Some groups don’t support fair tax
assessments required for quality education
despite its importance to our children’s
Most public medical clinic patients don’t expect
special attention because their health problems
seem minor and are easily treatable.
Although firearm restrictions are controversial,
the public must continue discussing them.
People with investment capital who anticipate
increasing prices usually invest in valuable art.
If governors can discuss amongst themselves their
respective state needs, they might discover how to
equitably distribute Federal aid.
Educators have long been interested in better understanding
significant improvements in how individuals learn from
texts. The first problem is identifying common and different
features among comparable passages. Nor have they been
able to evaluate the quality and quantity of information
readers remember.