Virtual Field Trip to 9/11

Virtual Field Trip to 9/11
By Matthew DiLiberto
Prior to 9/11 Site of the Twin Towers
Prior to 9/11 at the Pentagon
Shanksville, Pennsylvania prior to 9/11
Washington, D.C. Capitol Building (
target according to the Taliban for the plane which crashed in Shanksville, PA)
Whitehouse (Fact or opinion, did the terrorists plan to crash
Flight 93 into the Whitehouse?)
Twin Towers on 9/11
Pentagon on 9/11
Shanksville, PA on 9/11
Off to War
Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA
Flight 93 Memorial, Shanksville, PA
Twin Tower Memorial
Pentagon Memorial
Freedom Tower- Built from 2006-2018
Virtual Cam on Ground Zero
• Click on the arrow below to see the virtual
cam in live real-time for ground zero, and for
the construction of the new tower called the
Freedom Tower.
The End
• Thank you!
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