Count That Day Lost by George Eliot

Count That Day Lost
by George Eliot
Count That Day Lost by George Eliot is
a poem about going beyond the care
and concern for oneself to make
someone else happy in order to make
a day worth while.
George Eliot was English and wrote about
Speaker - Narrator of the poem
Stanza 1:
At the end of the day, if you have
done one unselfish act to bring
"sunshine where it went" then the
day was worth the time that one had
Stanza 2:
On the other hand, if the count of any
unselfish deeds is zero, then the
speaker can say that day is "worse
than lost" for there was no "sunshine
The poem is basically saying that
a day spent helping people can be
considered a really good day.
Even if you do one small thing to help
someone in a tiny way, the day has
not been lost because of the joy you
brought to another person.
However, if at the end of your day,
you can remember nothing that you
did that was helpful or comforting or
compassionate towards another
person, consider the day lost because
you had a golden opportunity to be a
better person and you missed it.
When you do a good deed
for someone else,
you become a better person.