The Hippopotamus

By: T.S Eliot
 T.S Eliot uses the hippo as a metaphor for a
representation of his new found religion of the church
Language/Stylistic Techniques
 Juxtaposition: Stanza 6 compares the church and the
hippo opposites
 Mood: Starts from nervous (2nd Stanza, 2nd line), to
disappointed (4th Stanza, 1st-2nd lines) and then to
relief (6th stanza, 4th line)
 Allusion to heaven- 8th Stanza, 3rd line
 After the mood is to set to relief, the tone is then
permanently set to a softer, heavenly tone- Stanza 7,
line 3
 ABAB rhyme scheme
 Repetition of the “True Church” or “Church”
 Alliteration: Beginning of the poem (Flesh, frail, fail,
for, and feeble)
 The rhythm has 7-9 syllables per line
 T.S Eliot used the hippopotamus as a metaphor to
represent his new religion