PARADIS: Wireless Device Identification
with Radiometric Signatures
Vladimir Brik, Suman Banerjee, Marco Gruteser, Sangho Oh
Present by Taodun Li
Problem Statement
• Device identity management is important for
network security
• MAC address in a frame is easy to forge
• Solution for wired network cannot be adopted
Previous Solution
• 802.11 WLAN administrators rely on various
cryptographic mechanisms for wireless device
identity management and access control
Solution in This Paper
No two NICs are identical
Radiometric identity can be observed in its radio
transmissions and be used to discern different NICs
PARADIS Schematic
Overview of Modulation Mechanisms
The 4 symbols of QPSK on I/Q plane
Modulation errors
Modulation Error Metrics
• EVM is not used by PARADIS
• Normalize data before applying a classification algorithm
Get Signature
- Outlier:
- Discards outliers one by one until only half of
the training signatures remain
- Calculate a special matrix WA
- WA ∙S-b >0 if S is from a frame sent by A
- WA ∙S-b <0 Otherwise
For both KNN and SVM:
- Return the identity that appears most frequently
among the computed best matches
- In case of a tie, the identity with the greatest
cumulative similarity is chosen
Comparison of PARADIS and other studies
Performance of PARADIS-SVM
Performance of PARADIS-KNN
• PARADIS outperforms the other state-of-art
• PARADIS is capable of achieving accuracy in
excess of 99%
• PARADIS is resilient to mobility, varying noise
and hardware aging
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