The Reign Of Terror

By Amber Ross
Erin Yoder
Tyler Whittaker
A committee of twelve formed by the Mountain in the Spring of
Its job was to help govern and stabilize France
The group, led by Robespierre, soon became a dictorial power
It announced that death should come to all of the revolutionary’s
Pushed by sans-culottes, it led the convention into “The Terror” in early
They passed the Law of Suspects in September 1793, beginning the long
periods of tribunals that efficiently sent tens of thousands of French to
their deaths
Foreign troops approaching due to France being at war with
Austria and Prussia panicked Parisians
After France executed their king (Louis) heads of state across
Europe expelled their French ambassadors (most of Europe was
horrified by France)
The Girondins (who led France rapidly into war) and the Mountain
start blaming each other for France’s problems
The Mountains troubles lead to the formation of the CPS
Peasants began to turn against the revolution
When the National Convention instituted a draft, the peasants’
hatred increased
In the Vendee region civil war broke out when peasants and
former nobles formed a guerilla army and waged war on the
republican government
The uprising (who called themselves the Catholic and Royal
Army) was stopped and the government gained control of the