File - Integrated Middle School Science Partnership.

Integrated Middle School Science Partnership
Date October 11, 2014
Today’s Outcomes
• Deepen content knowledge
• Deepen understanding of NGSS Science and
Engineering Practices
• Increase capacity of Teacher Leaders to
support the implementation of NGSS and to
lead their colleagues in professional learning
• Engage in professional learning from one
Today’s Agenda
 Opening Session
9:00 - 9:30
TLs: Choice
NGSS for Science
• Collaboration
Time SEPs
for TLs: Choice
• Lunch
Observation Rubric
• Facilitation challenges
 Content Sessions
• Lesson exchange
9:30 - 11:00
 Feedback Time
11:00- 12:00
12:00- 12:45
12:45- 3:34
3:45 - 4:00
Summer Institute for 2015
• Teacher Leaders week: June 22nd - 26th
– New content in NGSS
– Content pedagogical knowledge for NGSS
– Unit planning
• Other Science Teachers: July 6th – 10th
– New content and activity from IC’s
– Content pedagogical knowledge for NGSS
Learning Leader
Lesson Study
Facilitator (LSF)
IMSS Teacher
District Teacher
Liaison (DTL)
Innovator (I2)
Teacher and Student Surveys
• Teachers will receive their students results
from IMSS this fall and again in the spring
• Research stipend is $25 for fall efforts
• Packets are due today to be entered into the
drawing for $100 to spend on science supplies
Raffle Winners
2014 Spring Winners
• Gerald Willkom
– Hayward Unified
• Jennifer Lee
– Santa Clara
Materials Grant/Stipend
Participants in Lesson Study and/or Quarterly PD
that are not our IMSS Teacher Leaders are eligible
to apply for a one time Materials grant:
• $200 to purchase materials
– to implement IC’s
– or other activities from IMSS PD events
• An application link will be emailed on Tuesday
NGSS Update: CA Science Framework
• The CA Science Framework is a roadmap for
curriculum and instruction along with
• The CA NGSS document
• The CA NGSS Appendices
• The NRC Framework
• Draft is in production
– Framework writing team
• Teachers, Scientist, Curriculum experts, County Office of Ed
– Iterative process
What is the ‘talk’ on your campus?
• Talk with a partner about what how your
colleagues and administrators are talking
about NGSS?
– What concerns are being discussed?
– What isn’t being talked about?
This material is based upon work supported by
the National Science Foundation
Math Science Partnership Program under
Grant No. DUE-0962804
and the California Science Project
(University of California Office of the President)