Health & Physical Education Update

Health & Physical
Education Update
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Summary of Recent Changes to NSW Road Rules
BOSTES official statement on the new
Australian Curriculum
“The Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education is due for release from ACARA at the end
of 2013. However, this does not mean it will be implemented in NSW Public Schools in 2014.
BOSTES is advising for PDHPE (and other K-10 learning areas not included in Phase 1), that:
Any decisions about adopting the Australian curriculum, developing syllabuses, and planning subsequent
implementation will be made only after thorough consultation with NSW stakeholders. (Board of Studies
NSW, 24 July 2013)
Teachers of PDHPE in K-6 and Years 7-10 should continue to implement current approved NSW
syllabuses until advised otherwise by the Board of Studies NSW.”
Peter Grace (State Co –Ordinator of CEC: Student Wellbeing) states that we should continue to
use “ the original Towards Wholeness documents in PDHPE” until the CEC has revisited the Towards
Wholeness document after the release of the new NSW syllabus.
So what now??
• The new NSW PDHPE will be released in 2016 at the very earliest.
• Keep teaching the current syllabus until notified.
• BOSTES advise NOT to incorporate the draft ACARA content in teaching programs.
For a thorough explanation of where BOSTES are up to, watch this Adobe Connect
presentation on the latest updates.
What to Expect in the New Syllabus
Summary of key changes:
1. Educative Outcomes – Knowledge,
understandings and skills needed to lead safe ,
healthy, active lives.
2. Strengths-based Approach – move away
from risk factors (disease, ill health, inactivity)
to building relationships with community assets
that enhance health & wellbeing.
3. Health Literacy – Functional, interactive &
critical . Understanding of health information
systems & how health information can promote
4. Emphasis on Movement – benefits of
engaging in physical activity across the
5.Critical inquiry approach – asking
questions & problem solving according to
contextual need
*Personal, social &
community health
*Movement & physical
BOSTES advises to use the
draft syllabus document to
review your current
practice and to look, in
particular, at the K-10
progression of learning.
They also advise against
planning programs based
on Australian curriculum
content – it’s all still up in
the air!
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