Exam Preparation

Exam Revision
Exam questions – peer assessment
1) What were the main characteristics of the East German sports system? 4 marks
Four marks for four of:
• Financed by the state.
• Athletes fully sponsored.
• Full time and all expenses paid, in effect making them professional.
• It included all the Olympic Sports.
• Subsidised by the Soviet Union.
• Involved a great deal of sports science.
• Institutional use of performance enhancing drugs.
2) How did the Berlin Wall make East Germany a ‘shop window’? 4 marks
Four marks for four of:
• The Berlin Wall acted as a barrier between East and West or western democracy and communism.
• Was part of the Cold War between the USA and USSR which reflected the separation between
West Germany and East Germany.
• As a ‘shop window’ it allowed the Soviets to show the West their sporting and societal
achievements, and the relative success of communism over western democracy.
• It only showed what the communists wanted the West to see.
• In reality, it was a disproportional distribution of funding, ignoring other needs of the East
German community.
Mock Exam Preparation
• LO – to identify areas for improvement in
preparation for the mock exam
• LO – to demonstrate knowledge of assessment
in A2 Physical Education
Unit 3 – Mock Exam
90 marks
2 hrs to complete the paper
Worth 50% of the award
3 sections to the exam:
- Short term preparation (GI)
- Long term preparation (GI)
- Managing Elite Performance (RW)
• The exam is a combination of the 3 sections, you are
required to apply knowledge and understanding of the
sections to longer-based exam questions
Managing Elite Performance
• Based on last years paper (the first of the new
- You need good knowledge and understanding of
all 3 sections, cross referencing them constantly
- Long-answer questions (2x20 mark questions)
- Due to longer questions, it means your
interpretation of the question needs to be
excellent, in order to answer it how the examiner
wants you to
• Analyse – resolve into its component parts,
examine critically
• Assess – determine the value of, weigh up
• Compare – look for similarities and differences
between examples, justify
• Define – state the exact meaning
• Discuss – explain, then give two sides to the issue
• Evaluate – make an appraisal of the
• Explain – give details about how and why
something is so
• Outline - give the main features or general
principles of a subject
• Use up to date examples in your answers to
support the points you are making
• Always try to explain the science behind any
• Be specific – identify points (write a short
plan), ensure you put a fact on each point
• If you find it hard to express yourself, provide
an example to support you
Exam questions…
1. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the
East German sports system. Why have so
many countries adopted elements of the DDR
(10 marks)
- Interpret what the examiner wants you to
say in your answer
- Break it down
Part 1…
• Discuss– explain, then give two sides to the
• What are the strengths?
• What are the weaknesses?
Part 2…
• Discuss why so many countries have adopted
their system.
• Use examples
Three marks for three of the strengths:
• Funding allowed elite athletes to achieve their potential.
• A range of excellent facilities were built to achieve this.
• A variety of different sports were developed.
• Momentum and hope was offered to the country through success.
• Social and scientific advances were made in the development of excellence.
• Talent spotting ensured that potential ability was recognised.
• Sports schools allowed young people to develop their sports skills.
• Spartakiads allowed them to compete at a high level internally.
Three marks for the weaknesses:
• Performance enhancing drugs were given to improve standards - while endangering life.
• These drugs gave their competitors an unfair advantage in open competitions.
• Athletes were denied freedom of choice.
• Engaged in aspects of sports science at an experimental level, which could have been life-endangering.
• Professional and so against the existing amateur code.
Reasons for adoption of DDR system:
• The East Germans had proved the value of early identification of sporting potential.
• East Germany was a centralised society radiating outwards, some States realised the need for central
planning and direction.
• East Germany showed the value of developing special sports schools to nurture talent.
• East Germans established centres of excellence for performance, coaching and administration.
• The East Germans maintained a record of the tests and subsequent performances.
• DDR had a partnership between sports science and training procedures (but not the performance
enhancing drugs element).
• DDR financially supported athletes in terms of travel and support while on courses.
• East Germany used schools and universities to promote sport with fixed programmes, and professional
Exam Question…
1. Explain the significance of the 2012 Olympic
Games in the UK – what is the profit and loss
potential involved?
(12 marks)
- Interpret what the examiner wants you to
say in your answer
- Break it down
Explain – give details about how and why something is
Significance of the 2012 Olympic Games in the UK:
• A ‘shop window’ which can display the best of Britain.
• A chance to re-generate sport in the UK and improve provision for the future.
• A re-generation of rundown parts of London.
Profit potential of the 2012 Games:
• Huge world television rights.
• Commercial advertising of goods and corporations.
• Ticket sales for the different events.
• Travel and residence profits from spectators.
• Future use of facilities.
• Encouragement of future visits from first-time tourists.
• Sales of goods to visitors and sports goods to performers.
Loss potential from the 2012 Games:
• Low attendance problems arising from potential terrorism.
• Poor or unfinished facilities.
• Strikes and other social inconveniencies.
• Poor performance from British athletes.
• Poor weather or communications.
• Revise:
- Centres of excellence
- History and development of elite sport
- East German/Australian/USA/British systems
- Technical support (Sports Science, advancements)
- Sport specific facts and information to support your
- Work completed with GI – remember – questions
are linked together, you need to combine and apply
your knowledge across the A2 syllabus!
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