ICS Videos - CBL - University of Houston

Cecilia Y. Chen
University of Houston
July 11,2012
Usage of video to deliver coursework online:
Evidence for video usage:
- MIT OpenCourseware ,
- Apple’s iTunes University
- YouTube Edu
Classroom lecture videos widely used at
University of Houston
Tablet PC recordings
Video lectures : powerful and versatile resource
Professor's lecture notes
The lecture videos
Students' notes
Textbook reading sources
The biggest weakness of the video
format : Inability to quickly access
the content of interest
Indexing: Segmented videos
Search: Keyword search in video
Captioning: Scrolling text for audio
Integrated in ICS Video Player
Project Goal: Quick access to video content
 Indexing : dividing video into segments;
- User can start playback from any index frame
Transition Point: is a frame that has changes
significantly when compared to another
Image approach: comparing images by pixel
to find transition points
Text approach: comparing images using text
to find transition points using OCR(Optical
Character Recognition)
Faster to compare two images
Slower to compare two images
Not effective for many cases like:
the light changes, someone is
writing in the power point and
there is someone walking in the
If you can extract the text is a good
If there is only pictures it can still
find transition points
If the is only pictures then it
wouldn’t find transition points
There are special cases that is a lot faster to
use the text approach
When a video is processed with text
comparison at the end the difference in time
to process might not be that significant
Most of the time the text comparison will
recognize transition points accurately
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Searchable Videos for STEM Courseware.
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