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Management lessons to learn
from Chennai super Kings
Success Story
• Literally and Statistically most successful team of IPL
history of 7 years.
• Only team to have reached play-offs every time,
which shows consistency.
• Won the title twice, only team to achieve the feat so
• Won champions league T20 title.
Management lessons
Main team is build around a core group of player who became synonymous with
CSK till date.
Well thought strategy, game plan for every game , every player , every ground and
even auctions.
Presence of local flavor helped to bind the fan base.
Continuity of tried and tested , successful strategy of continue with core group (
Main strength of Firm) and persisting with it.
Strengthening weak areas with well thought strategy and focus on overall impact
on business rather than focusing on specific area.
Encourage new, innovative ideas, back up them and encourage to perform their
Provide happy environment to work, which is essential to long term success and a
major factor to create wonders.
Every time won “ The sprite of game award”.
Not dependent on single player, plays a team game.
Dressing room is widely known as the most happiest of all IPL teams. Provides
comfortable environment which is essential for success.
Playing eleven and even buying of players are decided totally on current form
rather than reputation and big names.
Lead by leader from the front who is proved as best finisher and captain in limited
over cricket at international level.
Team work is the best model. Everyone has a role to play in the success of the
business which should be well defined and well communicated.
Leadership plays an important role in success, Management should take
responsibility and accountability.
Focus on your work and strengths rather than indulging other way like shown by “
The Sprite of game award”.
There is no shortcut for success. As Tweeted by Harsha Bhogle “Eventually the
best team, the best organized, the best selected and the best led won the IPL and
that is how it should be”.
Marketing strategy
• Excellent marketing strategy with trademark
“Whistle Podu” Song.
• A loyal and Large Fan base who can get any
length to support their favorite team.
• fan base that is build in short span of just sis