AP Seminar

AP Capstone Leadership Team
December 11, 2014
Agenda Link: tinyurl.com/m7lnl53
Updates from College Board
 Scheduling Recommendations
 A/B Block if school is on 4 x 4 Block
 Most common pairing is AP Lang & Comp
 One teacher for both paired courses OR team-teaching model
 Class size—20-24 students
 Recruitment
 No implications if demographics don’t match
 Avoid making Capstone “elite program”
 Discouraged for 9th graders
 Materials to schools in early January
 Brochure
 Webinar template (customizable)
 FAQs
 Press Release
Recruitment Flyer & Student Profile
Updates from College Board
 Mandatory Training
 AP Seminar—5 day summer workshop (register in April)
 July 6-10 Tampa
 July 13-17 Spokane
 July 27-31 Austin
 AP Research—4 or 5 day summer workshop
 Staffing
 Two teachers per school to training
 AP Audit due October 1
 Grading/Scoring will be significant (watch number of preps)
 Same teacher can teach Seminar and Research (separate
trainings required)
Updates from College Board
 AP Seminar
 No textbook required
 No topic is required
 Can address areas of regional interest
 Must take Seminar before Research (cannot take
 AP Research
 Mentored experience
 Thesis paper required
 Can use topics from AP Seminar
Updates from College Board
 Expansion of Program?
 Offers of Assistance
 Web Conference
 Local Visit
 Training in summer of 2016?
Course Description (0A017X0)
Add to Description
AP Seminar students are required to
complete a three-part assessment which
includes a team project and
presentation; an individual researchbased essay and presentation; and the
May AP Exam. All three items are
combined to determine the AP score for
AP Seminar.
Note: AP Seminar will not be listed in the
WCPSS Program Planning Guide.
Choosing the Right Teachers
Pairing Models
 10th Grade: AP Seminar/English II Honors
 10th/11th Grade: AP Seminar/Argument Theory &
Practice Honors (most flexible option??)
 11th Grade: AP Seminar/AP Language and Composition
 Concerns about Social Studies, Science, Math pairings
Identifying & Interrupting Barriers
Implementing Support Systems
Using Data on Flash Drives
Grade Reading
Achievement Level
 8th Grade Math
Achievement Level
 8th Grade Science
Achievement Level
 Math I Achievement
 Explore
 Math
 Reading
 Science
 Composite
 Plan
 English
 Math
 Reading
 Science
 Composite
Team Time
Please complete Google Doc linked in Agenda or here:
Next Steps
 Next meeting?
 January 13th, 15th, 21st, or 29th
 February 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th
 Note that February 19th is Day 2 of Argument Training
 Argument Training on Thursday, February 19
 Project Enlightenment
 501 S. Boylan Avenue, Raleigh
 Room 311
 8:30-3:30
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