Brave New World Writing Style

For the first six chapters, Huxley introduces us to
the “Brave New World” of the soma controlled
society and manufactured humans
At chapter seven he introduces us to John
which soon becomes the protagonist, taking
the place of Bernard
Huxley is straightforward in introducing the
Brave New World to us, by means of the
Director’s dialogue in his tour of the Central
London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre
At the end of chapter three, the last
paragraph shows the dramatic writing style of
Aldous Huxley “slowly, majestically... thirty-three
centimetres an hour... glinted innumerable
He describes the simplest details in a very
detailed and complex way but with simple
words, such as in chapter four where he
describes the slowing down the rotor blades of
the helicopter “The humming of the screws
over head dropped an
octave...wasp...hornet...stag beetle”
Huxley pays close attention to the precision
of the detail in his writing throughout the
whole novel with many stated numbers.
 ‘... jets through which at every twelfth metre
from zero to 2040...the artificial maternal
circulation on every bottle at metres 112’
 ‘267 days for the bottles to travel along the
conveyer belt at 33 centimetres per hour.’
Aldous Huxley alludes to religion
throughout the novel:
 O Lord and O Ford
A.D and A.F
Religious meetings and the Solidarity
 In the world state, there are no gods or
religions but science takes the place of
all these.
There are a lot of references to
Shakespeare “Brave New World”, the
title itself comes from The Tempest said
by Miranda.
 Also there are allusions to Romeo and
Juliet, when John is leaning beside the
soma-drunk Lenina.
 Repitition-hypnopaedia
 3rd person omniscient
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