Brian Cox Powerpoint

• Name : Brian Edward Cox
•Born : 3rd March (1968)
•Parents :
•Spouse : Gia Milinovich
•Children : Moki and George
•Lives : Chadderton, Oldham, England
• Brian was born 3rd March 1968 ( age 45 )
•He also had some fame in the 1990s as a
keyboard player in the band D:Ream
•Brian has a wife called Gia and two children called
Moki and George
• In 2014 Brian won the Human Universe award as
a presenter for BBC 2.
Brian went to school at the independent Hulme
Grammar School in Oldham 1979 to 1986. He
studied physics at the University of
Manchester. Brian revealed on the Jonathan
Ross Show that he got poor marks on his maths
A levels, he actually got a D.
In the past 9 years Brian Cox has been on
twenty television programmes including Doctor
Who, Wonders of Life, The Universe and also
He has even had ten television shows of his
own on BBC including A Night with the Stars
and Wonders of the Universe. He has been a
guest on The Graham Norton show, The Big
Bang machine and also The One Show.
Brian has co-authored lots of
books on physics including Why
does E=mc2? With Jeff
Forshaw, and the Quantum
Universe, also with Jeff
Brian Cox was a member of the rock band
Dare in 1989 until they split up in 1992. In
1993 he joined the UK rock band D:ream.
D:ream had many hits until they split up in
1997. At this time Brian had been studying
physics and earned his phD, so he went on
working in physics full time .
The End
By : Anna Meudec, Anna Fennell and
Sophie Smyth
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